Interesting Facts About Pakistan In Urdu

I am sharing a lot of interesting facts about Pakistan in Urdu for its history, Army, flag, cricket team, national anthem, and culture. In 1947, Pakistan was created in the name of Islam and officially considered as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is the 6th most populated country of the world and 36th largest countries of the world in sense of the area. It consists of an area of the 796095-kilometer square. Alongside this, geographically Pakistan has greater importance to the neighboring countries. God has bestowed the land of Pakistan with lots of interesting facts in which one of the most note able are the four different kinds of weather are lying here. Moreover, there are so many other facts which amuse you in the best. The soil of Pakistan is very special and the energy production here in this country is rapid than any other country which is really interesting for us.

Interesting Facts About Pakistan In Urdu

Here below of this passage I have arranged some of the major interesting facts about Pakistan in Urdu. These incredible facts about Pakistan are containing the history, culture, cricket team, Army, and much more which will increase your interest towards this couuntry. You just need to read out this article to get the further details which are very informative for you.

Interesting Facts About Pakistan

Nuclear Power:

An incredible fact about Pakistan is its invention of Nuclear weapon. This country is considered as one of the pioneers in Nuclear technology among the Islamic states and 7th among the whole world. On 30th May 1998, Pakistan successfully tested the nuclear weapons and listed among the nuclear countries of the world.

Interesting Facts About Pakistan Nuclear Power

Highest Mountain Range of the World:

This is really an adventurous and interesting fact of Pakistan as it has the second-highest natural mountain in the world. K-2 which is considered as 2nd highest peaks in the world located in Pakistan. In the highest mountain ranges of the world, the Himalayas and Hindu Kush 4 of the world’s top peaks are present in Pakistan.

Interesting Facts About Pakistan World Highest Mountain Rang

Largest Irrigation System of the World:

Agriculture is considered as the backbone of Pakistan and so that it requires a managed irrigation system. To fulfill the demands of agriculture sector Pakistan created its canal irrigated system with the help of 19 barrages, 12 inter river link canals and 43 independent irrigation canals having a total length of almost 58500 km. These canals are rooted all around the country and irrigated the cultivated land.

Interesting Facts About Pakistan Largest Irrigation System of World


In the list of interesting facts about Pakistan in Urdu, I would like to tell you about the desert of Pakistan. It is the ninth-largest desert of the world is located in the Pakistan border area and it is known as the Thar Desert. It is considered as 10000 years old and once it was the source of water for the Indus valley civilization.

Interesting Facts About Pakistan Desert

World’s Youngest MS Certified:

Arfa Kareem Randhawa was one of the youngest Microsoft certified from Pakistan in all over the world. In 2004 at the age of 9 years, she gains the title of youngest MS certified. She is no more between us. She died on 14th January 2014 in Lahore Pakistan.

Interesting Facts About Pakistan World Youngest MS Certified

World’s Largest Ambulance Network:

This information will amuse you in the best when you will come to know that the world’s largest ambulance network belongs to Pakistan. It is managed by the Abdul Sattar Edhi with almost 300 ambulances. They are not only providing the services in Pakistan but outside Pakistan like UK, USA, Japan, and China.

Interesting Facts About Pakistan World Biggest Ambulance Network

Salt Mine:

Above all, a very famous natural fact of Pakistan is Salt Mine. Khewra Salt Mines is considered as 2nd largest salt mine of the world. The reserves of the salt are considered as 600 million tons in total and the per annum production is almost 350000 tons.

Interesting Facts About Pakistan In Urdu Salt Mine

Highest International Road

Karakorum Highway which connects Pakistan with China is considered as one the wonders of the world. It is constructed on almost height of 15397 ft. It is considered as one of the most visited sites by the tourists.

Interesting Facts About Pakistan World Highest International Road

So these are the most interesting facts about Pakistan in Urdu. hope you like this interesting information about Pakistan in Urdu. Now if you have your own knowledge about interesting facts of Pakistan you can send your article in the comments box we will upload in our post after verification.

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