Interview Dress Code For Male / Female In Pakistan

Interview is the step towards your job and dressing is the first impact you leave on the interviewer. It is because when you entering in the interview room the first thing an interviewer will see is your dressing. If you are dressed properly and neatly it will make a good expression by you on the front man and he or she will show interest in you to talk over. When you are going for a job interview you should dressed properly as per the job nature and the company’s criteria. Dress code is a business specified term of dressing for job interview and this is different for male and female in Pakistan. So here in this post I am telling you separately about the interview dress code for male/ female in Pakistan. After reading this post you will be fully acquire with the requirements and effective dressing that will indulge the interviewer to hire you for the vacant vacancy in their company. In this article you will learn about what should wear to a job interview and dos and don’ts before and during interview session. Keep on reading to get the interview dress code for male and female in Pakistan.

Interview Dress Code For Male/ Female In Pakistan

Interview Dress Code For Male/ Female In Pakistan

Interview Dress Code for Female in Pakistan

  • It is not necessary that you wear new clothes but the clothes you are wearing should be neat and clean
  • Wear a full sleeves kameez or shirt
  • Wear sandals instead of heels that sound like “Tuk Tuk”…
  • Dark color dressings are more effective for females in interview
  • Wear a light makeup instead of party or wedding like makeup

Try to wear shalwar kameer instead of pent shirt. But if a company is requiring pent shirt then wearing shalwar kameez will results ignorance. Take scarf on head but not fully covering your head it must be till half to your head. Wearing full sleeves is preferable then half sleeves shirt but you can opt sleeves as per the current season. In other words you don’t wear heal that sounds too much because it leave a very bad impact on the front man.

Interview Dress Code for Male In Pakistan

  • Wear dress pent shirt instead of jeans and T-shirt
  • Wearing tie on high collar shirt is a good impact
  • Choose light color shirt
  • Put your inside your pent and a belt should be tie on your waist
  • Comb your hairs properly that looks like a professional person instead of a school boy
  • You can worn dress shoes or sandals but must avoid wearing jogger

Dressings reflect your thinking and boost up your personality. But if you have a good personality and wearing shalwar kameez or T shirt will leave a very bad expression on interviewer. Moreover, you brush your teeth and use some fragrance but not so sharp fragrances. Choosing a light colored dressing is effective in man’s interview dressings.

So these are the interview dress code for male/ female in Pakistan. These are special codes prepared by the expertise and one who will follow these interview dress codes will improve his/ her more chances to get an appointment letter. In the end I would like to say you that never ignore dressing while you are going fro an interview because many times it is been noticed that a person was well eligible for a job but his/ her personality and dressing was negative and that why the interviewer refused to appoint him in his company, office, institute or organization.

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