Mobile Phone Advantages and Disadvantages Essay

Mobile Phone Advantages and Disadvantages Essay: Mobile Phone undoubtedly is one of the best and leading inventions of Technology. It considers as one of the fastest means of communication from one place to another distant place of the world. Smartphones are becoming most important part of our life. It has so many advantages and benefits to our life but it has also some of the disadvantages. The positivity or negativity of anything depends upon your choices. If you use Mobile Phone in a positive way then it is very beneficial and helpful device if you use Mobile in a negative way than there are so many worst results comes out. Here below we are going to reveal the important advantages and disadvantages of Mobile Phone in our daily life. Keep reading this article till the end will surely help you in this regard.

Mobile Phone Advantages and Disadvantages Essay

Mobile Phone Advantages and Disadvantages Essay

Advantages of Mobile Phone:

There are a number of advantages of Mobile Phone which we are going to discuss below in detail.

  • One of the most useful advantages of using Mobile Phone is communication, with the invention of mobile phone we are able to communicate from one place to another place of the world easily within seconds or minutes.
  • With the help of mobile phone, we are able to keep data within our pocket and easily extract when needed instead of maintaining contact and further data on the register or a diary.
  • The smartphone is helpful by providing internet to their users, now you can easily download your favorite apps on mobile instead of going market to purchase them. There are so many beneficial apps are easily available on your smartphone
  • Calculator, torch, calendar, and alarm are one of the useful things which are supremely helpful for students to make schedules and plans in order to work on time.

Mobile Phone Advantages and Disadvantages Essay

Disadvantages of Mobile Phone:

Everything in this world bears some advantages and disadvantages similarly a Mobile Phone has also some advantages as well as disadvantages which we are going to discuss below in detail.

  • Using mobile harms the ability and efficiency of your brain. Continuous use of Mobile Phone n daily basis and weakens your ability of the brain to work well and may involve in following diseases such as blood-brain barrier, dizziness, and ear problems.
  • Many scientists also proves that the radiations emitting from mobile phone are very harmful and most cause of cancer if one will us mobile phone 1
  • Most of the people who use computer become addicted to games, facebook, and other social media and toll may distract the users.
  • Use of Mobile Phone late at night harms your sleeping schedule and ultimately their user suffers from a sleep disorder which leads to so many health complications.
  • Due to keeping personal data and images on a mobile phone there is always a threat of hacking and blacking in which cybercrime is one of the leading crimes falls.
  • We can say that the reason for most of the accidents on roads is only used to using mobile phones while driving.
  • Too much attractive SMS, call and Internet packages addict’s user to sue for undue friendships on Facebook and other social networks which are running on mobile phones.

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