National Action Plan For Pakistan Against Terrorism

National Action Plan For Pakistan Against Terrorism: Terrorism is defined as “(according to Sandler and Enders) the premeditated use or threat of use of violence by individuals or sub-national groups to obtain a political or social objective through the intimidation of a large audience, beyond that of the abrupt fatality”. However, Terrorism is not a recent rather, it’s a worldwide known phenomenon and it won a great significance in literature after 9/11 attacks on the US in 2001.After the 9/11 incident, Afghanistan was attacked by the US and NATO forces in 2001. Pakistan, a bordering land of Afghanistan, was also affected due to the war on terror.There are many activist associations that occupied terrorism in Pakistan. The terrorist activities are increasing day by day. Many masses are wiped out in these terrorism activities in the name of faith.

 One of the heart-wrenching terrorist attacks in Peshawar on Army public school that declared the lives of 149 including 8 school teachers was such an unforgettable incident in Pakistan’s history. Later on, the government,political leaders and fortified forces have entered upon a national action plan to oppose terrorism called The National Action Plan (NAP). All the supporting parties have promised to struggle against the terrorism and establish harmony in the country.

National Action Plan For Pakistan Against Terrorism

After this onslaught, the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif proclaimed a three days mourning and called  the All Parties’ Conference (APC) in Peshawar. The Prime Minister announced that there will be no distinction between good and bad Taliban and articulated his resolution to persist the Operation Zarb-e-Azb. The conclusions reached throughout the APC were presented at the combined conference of the parliament that contains a nationwide operation  beside the terrorism and fanaticism. Thus, following are some essential points regarding the national security plan:

The APC subjected a combined notification for the removal of terrorism.According to this announcement the Madaris (religious institutions) would be listed and the activities of extremist  would be clogged. The notification calls for the reformation of NECTA and prevention of hatred and aggressive speeches and the circulation of terrorist resources. Etc…

Along one side, where Pakistan is facing the consequences of Afgan War, it is likewise regarded by diverse cultural, spiritual and linguistic differences which have enlarged terrorist’s actions. These conflicts have rigorously affected the socioeconomic construction of Pakistan. However, after the Afghan war against terrorism, the foreign support that is supplied to Pakistan in the form of assists, donation and debt has a positive impact on the economic growth.

 Thus, reasoning out my article about National Action Plan For Pakistan Against Terrorism, that Pakistan is passing through one of its hardest times in its chronicle. But the people and the leadership of the state has decided to get a cohesive stand against those elements,frightening the safety and sovereignty of the nation. It is a need of an hour that merely mottos and speeches will not facilitate to accomplishing the requisite goals rather  the mutual consent and discussions are necessary for the national security. The National Action Plan (NAP) can be successful if lucidity and responsibility are sustained in carrying out this program.We must prevail sanity over anger and sentiments. May Allah protect our beloved country Pakistan from the menaces of terrorism. AMEEN

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