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Part Time Jobs For Intermediate, Matric Students In Pakistan

Here you will find part time jobs for intermediate, matric students in Pakistan. Mostly students try to get an employment opportunity after this level of education to meet their study expenses while some students do to meet the expenses of their daily living along with studies. By joining a part time job students can continue their studies along with earning that is a good thing for a student to utilize his/ her time instead of wasting it in use less activities. Some students who take morning classes can join these jobs in evening while those whose classes timing is in the evening can join these jobs in morning time. A full time job requires 8 to 10 hours while a part time job requires 4 to 6 working hours in morning or evening. Salary for a part time job are also less but the benefit is that with this job you can get time for your studies that is more important than of your work. There are various online and office jobs that a matric or intermediate level student can apply at the part time and can earn a good package. These jobs are in listed here below of the passage….

Part Time Jobs For Intermediate, Matric Students In Pakistan

Part Time Jobs For Intermediate, Matric Students In Pakistan

Online Data Entry Jobs

One of the best and the most convenient part time job for matric, inter level boys and girls is online data entry job. If you have some knowledge of copy – paste in MS word or MS excel then the best option for you is data entry online job.  You can do this job while sitting at your home while there are different companies which also offer this job at their office…

Online Home Based Jobs

The field of online part time jobs is so vast these days as compare to any other recruitment sector. There are various posts like ad posting, freelancing, click to earn and many more. But for getting these type of vacancies one has to be a good basic knowledge and use of computer and internet surfing. You can search these posts on Google where you have to contact at company’s online contact numbers to get hired.

Receptionist Jobs

This is also a good option for part time earning sources for being a receptionist at any academy, school, or at any clinic. This is best option for both boy and girls while females get more preference for being a receptionist. One can find this job by visiting the job areas by holding CV in hand and you can take a good monthly income.

Call Center Jobs

A matric or inter level student can be hired as online order booking at any call center. This is a new way of buying and selling via telephone calls. You may have seen various online brands that offer the opportunity to book the order on call and if you have a capacity or ability to attend a customer on phone call then you are suggested to get avail this opportunity. You can find a list of call centers in your area through Google search engine.

Clerical Staff Jobs

Students at matric and inter level can put CV for a clerk job for part time at any government or private sector. This is may be a low level job but in case you don’t find any option then this option is for sure which you can avail any time after a bit of searching.

So these are the part time jobs for intermediate, matric students in Pakistan. I hope that this post proves very helpful for you to find a job but in case you can also get further information about this post commenting us in the following comment box.

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  1. i am likely to do work as receptionist, i have done fsc pre medical in grade b(65 per).i am compelled by some financial support. so i decide to do job in part time to carry on my education further.

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