How Is Peace Achievable In Pakistan Essay In Simple English

Pakistan is currently suffering from various threats such as terrorism, Pakistan India War, Dengue, Political War and many more harmful aspects that are finishing the peace in this peaceful country. There are various reasons for the bad condition of peace in Pakistan and the one of the top listed aspect is terrorism that is creating a massive threat in the minds of general public and they in seek of that day when Pakistan will be completely in the list of peaceful countries. Pakistan was chased under the ideology of peace and independence where muslims will live their life under islamic rules but the critics and hidden out sider agencies are adding fire on it and badly damaging the harmony among public. So here below of this passage I have discussed all those fact which are answer of your question of how is peace achievable in Pakistan.

 How Is Peace Achievable In Pakistan Essay In Simple English

How Is Peace Achievable In Pakistan Essay In Simple English

We all know that peace is one such thing that is the everlasting demand and wish of each single Pakistani. They want their beloved nation to get all free from the target killing, bomb attacks and kidnapping cases. Hence getting the peace in the nation is one of those long term struggles that is being faught by Pakistan. Government has to play one of the major roles in bringing the peace in the nation but the Government is not even aware that how they can bring peace in the nation.

How Is Peace Achievable In Pakistan?

Peace of Pakistan could be easily achieved if we overcome the following social evils from over society.


Besides all Taliban or we would say terrorism is one of those main factors in the presence of which you cannot even dream about getting peace in the nation. Pakistan has been badly affected from the terrorism that is not at all allowing the nation to pave their path towards the developed nation. There was a time when nation have to face high level of the blasts thrice times in one month. Hence in all such conditions we can just say that settlement with the Taliban is the only hope in support of a permanent peace in Afghanistan.


         Well we all know that corruption has been always remained as being one of the biggest hurdles in the success of Pakistan and so as bringing peace too. Corruption is main factors that contribute to the high level of lack of confidence reasons and unsteadiness.

Use of Narcotics Products

Narcotics has destroyed many of our homes and youngsters who is the future of Pakistan. One who is addicted with the use of narcotics is not only destroyed in self but he become the reason of violence for all family members and as well as for society.  On other side it has been captured that all the narcotic production has pick up the pace to the level of insurgent’s funds all the way by launching operations in many states of the nation.

Political Wars

These days Pakistan has also been seized with this new type of war. Although the politics are adopted for the betterment of on going conditions of country. But these days various political parties are fighting with each other to get the hold of system. Our new politics is not less then a was because each party if fighting to other for its benefits while at the back end they are actually destroying the peace of Pakistan.


Futhermore there are many other factors in Pakistan that are stopping the nation to get peace by all means. In all such factors we have target killing too. Karachi is known as being the main center of the target killing. It has been for about the last many years that Karachi is facing the bad target killing in all its corners. No one knows that when they will going to take their last breathe while moving down in the streets.

Well peace is yet possible in the nation only when we will going to find the solution of al those problems that are acting as the hurdles in the progress of the nation. Government need to think about it before it gets too late!

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