Revolution of Power in Pakistan Essay

Today my topic of discussion is about The Revolution of Power in Pakistan Essay: Political Power in Pakistan is becoming complex since last decade. The political system of Pakistan has brought the revolution of power in Pakistan. The foundation of anything brings results accordingly to its roots. Our past rulers of Pakistan just deposit the streams of strong sentences and announcements. But they didn’t do in actual and turned their words into reality. The poor and weak economy is the result of ineligible political persons which leads to weak economic infrastructure, poor law and order, and scourge of terrorism in a country. This situation sometimes leads to revolutionary changes in a country. Instead of these, there is no revolutionary movement in Pakistan occurs which is the result of the History of the anti-colonial movement in the sub-continent. Due to the supreme expertise in the constitutional law by the Jinnah, Pakistan is the legal and constitutional battle in the History of Pakistan since that time.

Revolution of Power in Pakistan Essay

From the duration of 1950s to 2000 several of the democratic regimes were overthrown. In 1958 the conspiracy of elected government leads to the first Marshall Law in Pakistan. In 1962 Ayub war broke out in India and Pakistan. After the war of 1965 with India, Yahya decides to hold elections within two years. In 1970 the General Parliamentary elections were held on 1970. The fall of Dhaka in 1971 leads to the inculcated of two political parties that is “Peoples Party” and “Muslim League”. These two parties are till now prevailing in our state. The demoralization followed the Zia ul Haq collapse the Soviet Union.

Revolution of Power in Pakistan Essay

Revolution of Power in Pakistan:

Currently, no National Organization is struggling in order to mobilize the downtrodden classes. These types of organizations lead to the revolutionary changes and no one can struggle still except the nationalist struggle of Baloch in the true sense. That’s why we can say there is no revolutionary movement in Pakistan occurs which is the result of the History of anti-colonial movement in the sub-continent till now.

Normally the Government comprises three branches in most of the countries that are Executive, Legislative and judicial. The constitution is foremost pillars who establish the foundation of any economy. Our country is the Federal Parliamentary Republic. Pakistan is currently going through the Multiparty Democracy war. In this situation, it is very difficult to survive in an economy.

Revolution of Power in Pakistan Essay

In order to prevent Pakistan from any future disastrous revolution, special measures should have taken by the government and the economy also. This is the foremost obligation of Pakistan government and nation to do a fresh and true analysis muster up its resources, organize and manage social awareness. The major system which does not yet establish that is Internal Control Mechanism.

Another arising major issue is that the exact extent of the revolution of power in Pakistan to be exercised the civil servants and the rest of the elected representatives are elected at the district level. This is surely not enough and encourages, saying that the District Officers will be subordinate to the District Nazim. If we overcome these tragic situations in our country, we will definitely rebuild a country in a true sense.

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