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Scope Of Physical Education In Pakistan And Its Courses

Do you know the scope of physical education in Pakistan and its courses? The Status of physical education in Pakistan is a query. It is not moved over the importance that it deserves. This field of education is still consider a co-curricular activity or a leisure pursuit for anyone. It should be seen equally critical as any other field of study like English. Worldwide it is admitted as a component of the curriculum, but sadly in Pakistan physical education is considered as useless or as a sport. Its value, requirement, and scope are not understood clearly. It can assist us in numerous societal ways. The psychological behavior can be restricted by physical instruction. As only a healthy body has a healthy mind, this can essentially help in staying strong and fit. It should be made an element of the course of study.

The program in Physical Education and Sports Sciences is a fundamental demand of Pakistan in the modern socio-political scenario. The crumbling communal and ethical framework of the country is direly in need of the culture of public security and harmony. The violence and aggression riddled society may find some relief in sports and physical activities. The plan will indirectly contribute to the advancement of tolerance and mutual co-existence in the society. So just read out the scope of physical education in Pakistan.

Scope Of Physical Education In Pakistan

Scope Of Physical Education In Pakistan And Its Courses

Although there are some institutes in Pakistan  that are realizing the significance of physical education. Therefore, they have designed some forms to familiarize apprentices with the aim to define central concepts of physical education and its relation to Health Education. It provides preliminary knowledge about corporal, intellectual and social growth; analysis of biological, emotional effects on physical activities, and acceptance of office executive, funds and guidance care of equipment. Following are some important courses regarding physical education:

  • The introduction of physical education which includes: Definition & Historical milieu of Physical Education, Nature, and Scope of Physical Education, Role of Physical Education and the Sports in Society.
  • History of physical education that has included a major historical aspects of physical education in ancient oriented nations (Pakistan, China, India, and Egypt).
  • Physical education as a discipline.
  • Objectives of physical education.
  • The scientific basis of physical education.

Thus, in our country this subject doesn’t institutionally recognize yet. The practice of these courses should be taken serious, especially at educational institutes. All developed countries possess a separate Council of Sports Sciences to determine the education of Health and Physical education just like PMDC and PEC.  Hopefully, soon HEC will think about this alternative too for regulating and setting up more proficient degrees and diplomas in the study of physical education.

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