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Short Essay On Pakistan My Beloved Country

Short Essay On Pakistan My Beloved Country: Pakistan becomes a sovereign state on the map of the world on 14 August 1947. The capital city of Pakistan is Islamabad. It is officially known as ISLAM PUBLIC OF PAKISTAN. Alongside this, Pakistan considered as a God gifted country to the Muslim community. In it, almost 97.5% of people belong to the religion Islam and that is why its official religion is Islam. Pakistan is considered as a 6th most populated country of the world having almost 191.5 million populations. Pakistan ranked as a 36th country in the world by area and it covers an area of 796095 km sq.

Furthermore, if we are talking about its demographic boundaries, it is one of those countries those are the most important links with neighboring countries. It has strong problematic ties with India in the east, borders with Iran in the Southwest, Afghanistan in the West and China in the Northeast. It has been always in the state of war with its rival India.

Since its birth, Pakistan faced too many serious problems i.e. overpopulation, poverty, terrorism, extremism leading to political and religious, corruption, illiteracy, internal as well as external conflicts. Despite the fact, Pakistan handled these challenges with competency and leadership and develops its economy. Keep on reading by scrolling this page for reading out Pakistan my dear homeland essay.

Short Essay On Pakistan My Beloved Country

Short Essay On Pakistan My Beloved Country

Pakistan has a democratic rule in the country and President considered as a head of the state. But the main powers are remains in the hands of Prime Minister, who is head of the government. The National Assembly consists of the 342 members and the upper house which is also called The Senate consists of only 104 members. Similarly, Pakistan has four provinces and these are independent in their decisions. These are operated by the Chief Ministers; those are Chief Executives of the province.

Economically speaking, the country’s economy depends upon the Agriculture. In other words, if one says that the agriculture is the backbone of the country no one should deny that fact. The land of the nation is full of the natural resources. The governments are working full of their capabilities to utilize maximum production of these natural resources and utilize these in the betterment of Pakistan my dear homeland.

The military of Pakistan is considered one of the best armies of the world. It consists of almost 1.2 million troops. These are highly trained and loyal to their professions. They are always ready to die for the sovereignty of the nation. In addition to this, they are skilled, highly professional and completely aware of the new trend and technologies of war. The intelligence of the organization is considered as one of the top spy agencies of the world.

Short Essay On Pakistan My Beloved Country

In 1998, Pakistan successfully launched its nuclear project and become 7th nuclear power of the world. It faced sanctions from the western world to stop its program. But it is the power of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan that it became one of the leading nuclear power. Further, it is a pioneer in nuclear technology among the Muslim countries.

The Pakistani culture is famous all around the world. It attracts tourists all around the world so they can enjoy the scenery and natural beauty. It is one of the ways to gain attractive benefits from the tourism industry.

To conclude, it is definitely true, that Pakistan is a God gifted piece of land. It has four natural seasons, full of resources and natural beauty. It is the duty of the government, to properly maintain and utilize the resources of the country. They should work for the betterment of the economy of the country.

Hence this was the short essay on Pakistan my beloved country or you can also read this essay as Pakistan my dear homeland essay. For more essays and speech in English and Urdu just read out more posts below for more essay.

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