Silence Against Violence Is A Sin Speech

Here i got a chance of speech on Silence Against Violence Is A Sin as If you will be not be raising your voice against any kind of violence then that will be counted as a sin. In a country like Pakistan, one after the other day, we encountered and face different kinds of violences. This violence and cruelty is done on women, young girls, kids as well as one the minorities. This aggression is faced by the house wives and this kind of sadism is all the time fased by daughters and sisters around us. The sexual violence, gang rape, physical violence on the house wives and killing daughters in the name of honour killing, all these have become day to day common stories because we do not raise our voices on such sensitive issues. Domestic violence, child abuse, dowry abuse as well as child marriages have all become very normal and casual kind of headlines because either we or the media do not raise the tone our voices towards this sensitive issues.

Silence Against Violence Is A Sin Speech

Silence Against Violence Is A Sin Speech

Daily, thousands of temples are burnt, churches are destroyed, Shias, Ahmadis and Christians are burnt alive because we have now bee neglecting the right of minorities. Now, each home in Pakistan has become a snake pit because here in these homes, the weaker section of the society, that is women face sexual abuse and domestic violence. These wives and daughters and sisters face mental cruelty and psychological torture.

Now, abuse against women have become so much common in Pakistan that one of the Progressive Women Association said that either Pakistan is home to possessed stoves which burn only young house wives. Pakistan has now become the 3rd most dangerous country when it comes to women treatment and women empowerment followed by Afghanistan on the top, then Congo, Indian and Somalia.

Pakistan needs to come up with a solution. In Pakistan, women comprise 52% of population. Bills and acts need to be passed for their protection. In the same way, minorities need to give protection and they should be allowed and permitted to freely go to their temples and churches and practice their religious practices. We need to break all these taboos of these aggression and cruelties and violence.

We should now be taking stand with the weaker section. It is the duty of all of us to safeguard the interests of the minorities, women and especially of our daughter and sisters. It is time to say with an upfront tone against all the violences because now none of us wants to commit this sin.

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