23 March Pakistan Day In Urdu Speech With Poetry PDF

Here on this page, I have written 23 March Pakistan Day In Urdu Speech With Poetry PDF. You can also read online and save this essay on your mobile or PC in image format. So the reading is starting from here…When the first person of the Sub Continent became Muslim, Indeed he became a member of the second nation, and that day two nations came into existence, one is Hindu and second Muslims. This concept of a separate entity of Hindu and Muslims has become the claim of Pakistan and moment of Pakistan and this concept was delivered in the form of resolution in the annual session of the Muslim League on 23rd March in 1940, which is known as Resolution of Pakistan or Lahore Resolution.

23 March Pakistan Day In Urdu Speech

In the historical session of 23rd March, Sher-e-Bangla Maulvi A.K. Fazl-ul-Haq addressed the Lahore resolution, and Chaudhry Khaliquzzaman, Sir Zafar Ali Khan, Sir Abdullah Haroon, Sardar Aurangzaib Khan, Nawab Ismail Khan, and Qazi Muhammad Isa authenticate this resolution. Lahore Resolution consisted of four hundred words and four paragraphs. In Lahore Resolution it was said that the All India Muslim League suggested that any Constitution Contract will not be practiced and not be accepted by Muslims only when it does not consist of the below criteria. Like the separation of attached geographical boundaries in those areas where the Muslims are in majority, for example, the North-west and east areas of India will actualize into an independent homestead.

23 March Pakistan Day In Urdu Speech

Moreover, in these areas, the respect of the minority’s religion, culture, economy, organizing, and other rights should be protected and should be discussed in detail in the constitution. When the Lahore resolution was accepted, Indian newspapers and Hindu leaders have to talk against it. The very next day, Partaab, Malapa, Tribune, and many other Indian newspapers have named Lahore resolution into Resolution of Pakistan even there was no single word “Pakistan” was used in that 23rd March 1940 resolution.

Speech On 23rd March 1940 In Urdu Essay Pakistan Resolution Day

23 March Pakistan Day In Urdu SpeechSpeech On 23rd March 1940 In Urdu Essay Pakistan Resolution Day.
23 March Pakistan Day In Urdu Speech

In the presidential speech of 21st March, Quaid-e-Azam said that ‘Hindu and Muslims belong to two different religious, cultural and educational histories. These two nations can’t tie the knot to each other even they can’t sit together. Life and the concept of living are totally different from each other. Besides this both have different heroes and histories, both have changed perspectives. It is wrong to merge these nations into one nation. Muslims are a separate nation, whatever is the definition of a nation, and Muslims are ebbed to a separate nation so they should have a separate country and homeland where the government should be in their own hands. Pakistan was come into being when the first Hindu embraced Islam. This is the talk of that time when Muslims hadn’t built their empire. Muslim’s nationality is based on the Kalma Tauheed instead of homeland or cast.

After the commencement of this resolution, the attempt of Muslims to the establishment of Pakistan was properly shaped and they became more aggressive. Sacrifices of our ancestors, women, and children for the sake of separation of Pakistan have proved that they are a Muslim nation and deserve a homeland where they can spend their lives according to the Islamic concepts of life. So, we can say that this revolution boosted the spirits of Muslims and in the end, Pakistan became an independent state on 14th August 1947.

23 March Pakistan Day Poetry:

23 March Pakistan Day In Urdu Speech With Poetry PDF

23 March Pakistan Day In Urdu Speech With Poetry PDF

23 March Pakistan Day In Urdu Speech With Poetry PDF

23rd March is the day of happiness for all of us. Important functions are organized in the Capital of Pakistan Islamabad and other major cities of Pakistan on 23rd March, in which the prime minister and other ministers congratulations the nation and pray for the safety of the nation. Apart from this, special parades are organized by the Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air force, and Pakistan Navy. On the occasion of 23rd March, public and important buildings are decorated like Bride. On 23rd March, there is a public holiday. Our country is great, and this greatness is our identity, our basic, our love, honor, and everything. That is why by keeping an eye on the natural resources and other goods, think for the development of the country and endow yourself for it.

Hence, in the last, I would like to mention that all this 23 March Pakistan Day In Urdu Speech With Poetry PDF is written by us, not a copied material. So you can rely on it for your school or college competition.

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