Monday , July 4 2022

Together We Defeat Terrorism Essay

A complete Essay on Together We Defeat Terrorism as Terrorism has now become a cancerous kind of institution not only in Pakistan but worldwide too. It is man made and can only be eliminated by man. Injustice, illiteracy, poverty as well as food insecurity, poor law and order situation, killing of minorities, unemployment, drone strikes, foreign hands as well as religious intolerance, all of them contribute in making this cancerous institution a monster one. To eliminate this monster, it is not the duty of army only and intelligence agencies as well as police and law enforcement agencies. It is also the collective duty of us, government and media. We, the common people, if we will be taking the community ownership then this terrorism matrix will be destroyed.

Together We Defeat Terrorism Essay

We have the examples of Malala Yousaf Zae and Aetzaz Ahsan, they take the community ownership and face the terrorists bravely. If our Pakistani army is fighting with this battle on the grounds then we as a nation have to fight with this battle in our minds. If army is killing these terrorists physically then we woo have to defeat the terrorists psyhcologically. Media can also play their due role. They can also pin point on the weaknesses of the terrorists and can play with them the pshycological wars.

It is not only Pakistan that has become the victim of this terrorism. It is also Nigeria, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan that has been brutally victimized by this monster. If we want to destroy this nexus then we as a nation and we as a world should join hands. If we will not consider the job of eliminating terrorism as a collective duty then this network will keep on be spreading. Thousands and hundreds of people are being killed everyday by the terrorists, bombs are exploded, cars blasts are done, toys are exploded, and suicide bombings are done. Cinema houses and schools are burnt. These terrorists are not the friends of any one, they are the enemies of theirselves.

If we want to stop terrorism, if want to eradicate this monster then we have to stop participating in it. It is only the battle of minds and it is only the war of an ideology. We need to change the mind set and we need to inculcate new ideology into the minds of people so that terrorism can be stopped to grow. Yes, with utmost togetherness we can fight with terrorism.

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