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A Visit to Shalimar Garden Essay in English

Did you visit Shalimar Garden? If not, then let’s take you on the journey of Shalimar Garden that is counted amongst the worth-mentioning places to visit in Lahore. Lahore is famously known as the city of gardens and when it comes to Lahore Gardens, mentioning the name of Shalimar Gardens is on the top of the list. This garden was part of the Mughal Era and was complete in the record duration of about one year in the year 1642 by the credit supervision of Emperor Shah Jahan. The place is located close to Baghbanpura on the GT road which is in the northeast direction at a distance of 5KM from the city center of Lahore.

A Visit to Shalimar Garden Essay in English

A Visit to Shalimar Garden Essay in English

Historical Background of Shalimar Garden:

This location area of the Shalimar Gardens was the main property of Arain Mian Family of Baghbanpura. Shah Jahan rewarded them with the ‘Mian’ royal title as in favor of the services and contribution to the then Mughal Empire. This garden hence remained under their governance for the duration of almost 350 years. In the year 1958 every single year the festival of Mela Chiraghan was part of this garden. But it was stopped as after General Ayub ordered against it.

Architectural Designing of Shalimar Garden:

The real of the Shalimar Garden do fall inside the incredible beauty of its architecture. It is being all the more settled with the oblong parallelogram shape which is covered from all sides with a high brick wall. The wall is one of the main attractions where the intricate concept of fireworks has been done. The whole concept of the garden designing was based on the Char Bhagh. The dimension portion of the garden do stands as from north to south that is about 658 meters and from east to west are 258 meters. UNESCO as in the year 1981 added this Shalimar Gardens in its World Heritage Site along with the Lahore Fort in the year 1972.

What to know More About Shalimar Garden Structure?

One of the major uniqueness of the Shalimar Gardens has been its terraces work that is about 3-level terraces going from south to the north side of the garden. The terraces are at a height that is about 5 meters one above the other with a same level of distance.  The fountains of the Shalimar Gardens are said out to be another center of attraction of the garden designing. The whole garden has almost 410 canals as located nearby canal. The upper terrace has 105 fountains, the mid-level terrace has 152 fountains and lower level has 153 fountains.

So what are you waiting for? Go and visit Shalimar Gardens right now!

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