I want To Become Scientist Essay In English

Different peoples have different aims in life and they serve their time, attentions and money to fulfill that aim. So in this way I have also analyzed myself and determined that my aim in life is “I want to become scientist”. According to my idea any person who has no aim or goal in life can’t reached at a successive destination and all his / her life will be in vine. So never spent life without a purpose and never waste your attentions otherwise the time will waste you more then you waste your time and at the end of the point you will see that you are nothing instead of hard work during your whole life. So keeping all these facts I decided to become a scientist and I will pay my time, attentions and money for the sake of a well ranked position for being a scientist.

I want To Become Scientist Essay In English

I want To Become Scientist Essay In English

There are some famous quotes about aim in life such as “An aim in life is the only fortune worth finding” / “A goal without a plan is just a wish”/ “Those who have no aim in life have no life”… So under the light of these quotes one should have to decide that what he or she wants to become in upcoming times according to the inner skills. Since beginning I am a good observer and science has been an easier for me to understand so I decide to do so. As I have wrote that I want to become scientist, so first of all I will take admission in the pre-level studies and then at the bachelors level I will come to know that in which field I will be suitable for begin a scientist. It is because there are numerous fields for being a scientist like aeronautics scientist, biological scientist, bacteriological scientist, forestry scientist and medical scientist.

My purpose for being a scientist is to serve my homeland ‘Pakistan’ with the latest inventions and creations. Through these inventions my country will be able to identify in this world with a precise invention and it will be a massive achievement for Pakistan by me. Like Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan and Abdus Salam I am also seeking to do some greater things and I think I can do it. For this time peoples may say me “how you will do it”, but I am sure that one day will come when they ask me “how you do it?” So my aim and intentions are positive and I am ready to go on this way to become a scientist.

In the last I just want to appreciate the initiatives that are taking up by our ministry of education for the betterment of scientist. We are also building new research centers and universities are arranging special laboratory for practical works. I can surely said that if this learning environment I have a lot of opportunities to express that what I can do and how I will do and soon I will fulfill my desire for I want to become scientist.

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