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After DAE What Can I Do

Many of our readers want to know about after DAE what can I do in Pakistan. Students are doing Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and Chemical Engineering and intending to know about what should I do after DAE in Pakistan. DAE stands for Diploma of Associate Engineering. This is a technical education degree equivalent to FSc Pre-Engineering, it is a three years course and students can do after matriculation. There is a huge number of colleges and universities which are offering DAE in Pakistan. This is one of the most common queries among DAE diploma holders that after DAE what can I do. Here we have some useful guidelines which ultimately answer this question. There are so many types of diploma in DAE which are listed below in detail. Whatever the type of diploma in DAE you have, you can easily start further studies in engineering programs. BSc in Engineering and B.Tech in Pakistan is the best choice for DAE diploma holders. By studying theses engineering program, you can easily get the highest paying job in both the public and private sectors. For further details, keep reading this article will probably help you in this regard.

After DAE What Can I Do

The Scope of Diploma in Associate Engineering in Pakistan is very high and demanding. There are so many disciplines in DAE; every discipline has its own scope and demand. Unlimited job opportunities for DAE holders are circulating not only in Pakistan but all in foreign countries. There are separate Technical Education Boards are running in Pakistan in order to teach Technical training. There are so many job opportunities availing in Pakistan for Diploma in Associate Engineering.

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DAE Subjects Types:

  1. Auto and Diesel Technology
  2. Auto and Farm Machinery Technology
  3. Architecture Technology
  4. BioMedical Technology
  5. Computer Hardware Technology
  6. Chemical Technology
  7. Civil Technology
  8. Cast Metal and Foundry Technology
  9. Computer Technology
  10. Dress Making and Dress Designing Technology
  11. Die and Mold Technology
  12. Electrical Technology
  13. Electronics Technology
  14. Fine Arts Technology
  15. Food Processing and Preservation Technology
  16. Food Technology
  17. Foundry and Pattern Making Technology
  18. Glass Ceramics and Pottery Development Technology
  19. Instrument Technology
  20. Leather Technology
  21. Mechanical Technology
  22. Metallurgy and Welding Technology
  23. Petro Chemical Technology
  24. Petroleum Technology
  25. Precision Mechanical and Instrument Technology
  26. Printing and Graphic Arts Technology
  27. Refrigeration and Conditioning Technology
  28. Textile Dyeing and Printing Technology
  29. Textile Spinning Technology
  30. Textile Weaving Technology
  31. Telecommunication Technology

After DAE Civil What Can I Do:

Now the main point of discussion about what should I do after DAE in Pakistan is discussed in this passage. All students having DAE diploma can easily study further in the engineering fields. All universities Pakistan reserve more than 2% quota for DAE diploma Holders. The students have DAE diploma can further studies in BSc/ B.C.S/ B.P.A/ B.B.A/ B.A. You can easily further study in any one of the above-mentioned disciplines. There are huge numbers of universities in Pakistan which are offering theses study programs after DAE.

After DAE Electrical What Can I Do:

In your query about after DAE what can I do in Pakistan the electrical is the most competitive field of work. Many of the students want to to know about after DAE electrical what can I do in Pakistan electrical. The main course of this field is to do the BSc electrical engineering or to do the internship. You can also get admission in B.Tech which is one of the best options. The scope of B.Tech is very high and is rising with the pulse rate. The other benefit of getting admission in B.Tech after Diploma in Associate Engineering is that you can easily find a reasonable job in both private and public sectors. There is surely a bright future of DAE diploma holders after applying in any one of the Engineering fields.

After DAE Mechanical What Can I Do:

Mechanical is a practical field of wor. Students have to perform the best practical tasks within a factory of a firm where they provide the practical details of work to do. If a student did that task he can find many practical tasks in different sectors that are Railways, WAPDA, Sui Gas, and there are so many different companies where you can find the work as an assistant associate engineer with the senior mechanical engineer. The scope of this level of post is not as higher as one can expect. So that is why we are advising you that you must take the admission in bachelors of technical or BSc mechanical engineering.

Jobs After DAE What Can I Do:

In thinking about After DAE what can I do after DAE, jobs would be the main point to think of it. Although DAE is equivalent to FSc (pre-engineering) but the jobs opportunities after DAE are more than to the FSc. It is because a student learns the technical details and work to do by hand. Moreover, it also depends upon the field of study you have studied in DAE such as Civil, Mechanical, Electrical or any other program. But you can apply for the following posts as per the eligibility criteria.

  • Supervisors
  • Machinery Technicians
  • Forman
  • Sub-Engineers
  • Instructors
  • Operators
  • Superintendents
  • Fitters
  • Chief Mechanic
  • Consultant
  • Shift Incharge
  • Overseer
  • Education Institute
  • Workshops
  • Small Industrial Units
  • Power Houses
  • Government Sectors
  • Large Industrial Plants
  • Quality Testing Labs
  • Consultancy Firms
  • Vocational Institutions

This is the complete career counseling after DAE what can I do in Pakistan after DAE is written about the study program, jobs, career and area of jobs. I am hoping, this post proves to be a helpful guideline for you relating to your DAE in Pakistan. But in case you have any further query or inquiry relating to this job you can send your FAQs in the following comment box.


  1. After dae mechanical can I study in b tech honors or bsc in which best degree programs. Please tell me. I will be thankfull to you.

  2. Dae mechanical certificate ko change krwa sakty he pre engineering me?

  3. Muhammad Abdullah

    After DAE in CIT which are facalities can chose,kindly tell me in detail.

  4. AOA
    What can i do after DAE in AUTO AND DIESEL please guide me


  5. I m DAE in electrical but i want to continue my education in math subject to next higher education . I want to involve myself in education sector for future . Do you have any batter advise and tell me diff. Degrees which can i get other than math abd whats future of it …i am a doing job as assistant engineer in merchant navy and its sami government job . I go for 9month or6 month at ship please i want to spend time with my family .its all about my plan please advise me . I will be thankfull to u

  6. Can A DAE civil student do bs English. Thanks

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