After BA What Can I Do In Pakistan Course Jobs Career

Have you decided to go with Bachelors of Arts or you have done and want to know that after BA what can I do in Pakistan? Here we are telling you about courses, jobs and career you can opt after this degree. Generally an ideology lies in our society that a student who did simple BA have less career build opportunities then a student who done BSC or BCS. If you also have the same thoughts relating to this degree then here I deter you because after reading this entire article you will also come to know that there are lot of educational, jobs, and career build opportunities which you can opt after doing Bachelors of Arts (BA). Scope of BA in Pakistan has gained a huge fame because the arts related fields are so vast such as a fashion designer, interior designer, photographer and painters (artists) are actually belongs to an art field of studies. The important thing is that what subjects you choose and what you are going to do next like if the psychology was your elective subject in BA you can go with Master of Psychology which is a good field these days. Similarly there are lot of opportunities which are discussed here below of this passage and will provide an authentic information for your question after BA what can I do in Pakistan…

After BA What Can I Do In Pakistan Course Jobs Career

After BA What Can I Do In Pakistan Course Jobs Career

Courses After BA

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Jobs & Career After BA

Same like different courses the career opportunities are also huge correspondingly which one can opt according to its interest and field of studies. Such as if one has done with MA English, Urdu or Economics he/ she can do the job as lecturer or teacher in somewhere in school or college. One who select interior designing, photography, or painting can hire as an artist in any national or multinational companies according to the skills and expertise. Moreover if one has done LLB he can be hired as the job of advocate or promoter in court. Those who done MBA can apply for a banking job as well as a MCS student can pursue an IT career which is no doubt a scope full field. In addition now a days one can also apply in army, navy or PAF after BA for civilian jobs. PPSC, FPSC and other government departments also published a numbers of Govt. jobs opportunities for an art’s student.

Hence we conclude that BA is not a limited or an underestimated field. We have seen that there are lot of courses, jobs and career opportunities which you can do after BA in Pakistan. This was the complete answer of your query about after BA what can I do in Pakistan. If you have any suggestion or query relating to this article you can share with us via comment box below of this page.


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