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How To Become A Lecturer In Pakistan

There are many personalities who done their masters or post graduate studies and pursue their profession towards teaching. But do you really know that how to become a lecturer in Pakistan? You have to read out this entire article and come to know about the procedure for become a good lecturer in Pakistan. Teaching is considered as the most prestigious and respected profession of the world. It is truly said that no country can get success without focusing and developing its education sector. In addition to this, a professional teacher is a backbone of the country because he deals with the next generation of the country. The teacher molds a rough student into a bright and successful person of the world. The lecturer is a person who works as a guide, mentor and more than a policy maker.

How To Become A Lecturer In Pakistan

How To Become A Lecturer In Pakistan

In this section, we try our best to express the procedure how to become a lecturer in Pakistan. It is the dilemma of Pakistan that the young talent of Pakistan is working abroad due to unemployment in the country. They are generating handsome amount for the development of others countries by using their brilliance. In Pakistan, the lectureship is not having quite good importance in the minds of general masses, they may called it, after getting high education we may become a school teacher are lecturer. But the growth of the economy of the world is always lies in the hands of mentors. Here is the guide line to become a lecture;

  1. According to Higher Education Commission (HEC) a lecturer must have eighteen (18) years of education.
  2. The lecture must be proficient in delivering ideas to others.
  3. It is the requirement of the HEC to pass an Exam conducted by the FPSC, NTS or Provincial board.
  4. The successful candidates called for further procedure;
  5. Psychological test
  6. Interview

The applied candidates for the post must have teaching experience in any of the colleges or universities.

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Alongside this, there are plenty of opportunities in private as well as in public sector as an instructor. If a person might not be the part of any institution due to any reason he may open his own educational academy to provide coaching to the students. The knowledge seeker students may get enrollment in your academy and you might get handsome amount in return. It is one of the professions that are not gone in dark though any circumstances.

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