How to Become a TV Anchor in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the successful countries with respect to media due to a great number of demanding TV channels. No doubt there are huge scope and career in the field of TV anchoring. But many of us are now well aware about how to become a TV anchor in Pakistan. Digital or electronic media is becoming a top branch of media in the current decade. There is a huge demand for TV anchors in different new channels of Pakistan with handsome salary packages. But to become a TV anchor it is not an easy task to achieve. One should be master on a number of skills such as writing, reporting, communication, editing, broadcasting, general knowledge, etc. There are so many hard tasks and steps by which you can be able to become an excellent TV anchor.

Pakistan is rich in best and top educational institutions; there is a number of institutes which are offering best practical and theoretical experience in this field. Here below we are going to these steps below in detail. Keep reading this article until the end will probably help you about how to become a TV anchor in Pakistan for both male and female.

How to Become a TV Anchor in Pakistan

How to Become a TV Anchor in Pakistan

Career and Scope of TV Anchor:

Due to a huge number of TV channels with great competition, there is huge scope and demand in the field of anchoring in Pakistan. Pakistan media has a strong and competitive position. there is always journalist, TV anchor, Media Consultant, Reporter, jobs are prevailing throughout the year in most of the TV Channels in Pakistan. Almost 40 to 50% of the country’s employment is associated with digital media. So when you are on the way of learning about how to become a TV anchor in Pakistan, its job positions matter a lot which I have written below.

Job positions for TV Anchoring:

There are number of multiple job positions are available in Pakistan for TV Anchors such as

  • Newscaster
  • Journalist
  • Reporter
  • Column Writer
  • Media Advisor
  • Consultant
  • Senior Anchorperson

Requirements to Become a TV Anchor:

  • In order to become a TV, the anchor must start your education journey from Bachelors in Mass Communication or Journalism or International Relation this step will able you to enter directly in mass media field later on it will open the further door for you this field at maters and postgraduate
  • Educational qualification standards are very necessary but the experience is one of the essential elements of this field.
  • One should have excellent writing and communication skills besides a degree. You can improve your communication skills through different communication courses.
  • Male or Females must have extreme command of general knowledge and currents affairs as well as the international relationship. You can easily enhance your general knowledge and current affairs by watching top current affair TV shows
  • He should be able to work in Broadcast Journalism which includes editing, reporting, broadcast reporting, television news production, media ethics, and writing production skills
  • To becoming TV Anchor you must prove some tasks of best or competent writer, reporter, and communicator by participating in different TV show or channels as a reporter or caster.


There is no doubt in this statement that TV Anchoring is one of the highest paying jobs in Pakistan since last few years due to extreme changes in current affairs and advancement in the digital media. Young females and women are also getting a step in Media as an anchor-reporter and journalist. This is one of the success points of digital media. TV anchors and employment relating to journalism and mass communication or media studies is highest paying profession in Pakistan. The estimated salary of a fresh TV Anchor starts from 70, 000/- to 150, 000/- and the experienced TV Anchor is earning round about 12 to 14 lac per month in Pakistan.

Hence these are all the details about how to become a TV anchor in Pakistan. Besides this if you want to take more details about this profession you can send your FAQs in the following comments section.

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  1. I just passed my LLB from BZU Multan.
    Is there any scope for me in newscasting after being law graduated.
    Does any private acadmy or college offer newscasting after irrelevent degree as compared to the basic criteria?.
    Can i Do MSc i. Journalism after LLB nd then move to anchoring?

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