Career / Courses After In Pakistan

Career / Courses after in Pakistan are listed here. A Bachelor of Commerce is a professional bachelor’s degree that is been offering by almost all the public and private colleges in Pakistan. B.Com is equal to fourteen years of education and consists of two parts, part one and part two. In this competitive world, one degree is not enough to pursue a good career and everyone has to study more and more so that they can touch the heights of success. The bachelors in commerce are good enough to get a job or choose a career in banking or accounts relating fields but for advancement, you have to study further.

One good thing is that there is a huge list of courses after BCom in Pakistan as well as you have various options to choose the best career after in Pakistan. Most students do MBA or M.Com after BCom due to a lack of awareness of different fields and degree programs after B.Com. There is a bunch of good fields and courses where a student can step in and do specialization after This page career/courses after B.Com in Pakistan is providing you with better assistance with your answer to what should I do after BCom in Pakistan. So keep on reading this post to get further career counseling for BCom students.

Career / Courses After In Pakistan

Career / Courses After In Pakistan

Below this passage, I have discussed the career/courses after in Pakistan where a student can get the knowledge that what career he or she can choose after a specified course. The most frequent courses which Pakistani students join after are MBA and Both these degrees have a vast future for a student. There are some other fields related to this field but to a lack of awareness as the student is unable to do these degree programs.

MBA: Masters of Business Administration is the most common and authentic course after You can get a job as a Manager in a bank or in any national or multi-nation company, you can hold the accounts and finance or HR department according to your field of studies in MBA Finance, MBA HR, MBA Marketing, or MBA Supply Chain. MBA has a bright future as after this a student can also attain any other managerial post.

M.Com: When you are seeking a good scope after B.Com in Pakistan then M.Com is the most appropriate option for you. A Master of Commerce is also a good course after a bachelor of commerce in Pakistan which provides practical knowledge related to the commerce field. After donning this field you can grab the jobs for the posts of Auditor, Stock Broker, Banking Field, Management Consultant, Sales, and Relationship Officer.

C.A. / ACCA: C.A. stands for Chartered Accountant which is the most popular and scope full course for a commerce student. After doing C.A person can serve any multinational company as a chartered accountant or can serve as a company’s secretary. Well CA is a tough course of study so if you find it hard to study CA then the second option for you is to go with ACCA which is rather easy than C.A. But you can achieve the same positions after this course.

Courses Other Then Commerce:

There are also a bunch or courses/career after in Pakistan which is not related to the commerce field but a student can join these fields after Have a brief look at these courses. The above courses and career are relevant to the commerce fields but there is also some field which is not related to commerce field but a good option for students to do after to pursue a good career.

LLB: The most demanding degree which is not relevant to the commerce field is LLB. This is a five years degree program in which three years are for college or university theoretical studies while 2 years you have to practice in court to get a license and then you can be hired as a lawyer, advocate, or assistant of an advocate, media for a social talk shows anchor.

Journalist: A student has also an option to become a journalist after doing an M.A journalism after in Pakistan. The journalism field is getting heap these days because the political, economic, and current affairs are very fitting to bring under the discussion and if have an interest in this field and you stay dated with the background current affairs and you are intellectual then this is the most career build field for you to achieve after bachelors of commerce.

Mass Communication: This is also the most intellectual field these days for choosing a healthy career. It is because the media is getting fame and power and one who held this field as an anchor or journalist or any field relating to television can chase a successful career.

Teaching Field: If you have done B.Com with good efforts then you have a good earning career teaching after Masters in Arts like English, Islamiat, Education, etc. You can hold as a teacher in college or academy as a private teacher and you can demand a minimum of Rs. 30, 000/- plus 5 to 6 hours of teaching.

So these are the careers/courses after in Pakistan. Hope you are now well aware of the importance and career counseling after Bcom. But if still, you have any query or question in your mind relating to this post then you can ask us through the following comment box or you can also add your suggestions from your own experience.

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