9th Class Computer Science Subjects List

Get the 9th class computer science subjects list. Well, there are three options for a student after eight class i.e. Arts, BioScience and Computer Science. One should be well aware of what he/she is going to do and what will be its career and scope in upcoming times. As here we are talking about computer sciences, then I would like to high light the characteristics of this course. Computer sciences are the field of Information Technology and computer-languages. The upcoming era is all set off with the computer. Each technology is totally basing upon the use of a computer. You can see the use of computer everywhere around you such as when you went to a shopping mall the automatic door is an example of it, similarly, the automatic cars are involving with a computer, and all the offices have computer-based database records.

9th Class Computer Science Subjects List

Below passage is providing you the 9th class computer scinece subjects list. Moreover, people are doing lots of designing words on the computer such as textile designing, fashion designing, composing of music and much more. In short, the computer is a good field of study and profession afterward. We encourage you to go with it from this very starting level of 9th class. Let’s see what you will study and learn at this initial level.

9th Class Computer Science Subjects List

In both the cases of Urdu medium and English medium the course and syllabus are the same. You will have to read out the same books at both levels such as the Urdu medium will in Urdu while the English medium will be in English. The details of compulsory and elective subjects are written down. Keep on reading to get the details.

9th Class Computer Science Subjects List
9th Class Compulsory Subjects

(75 marks of each)

9th Class Elective Subjects

(60 marks of each)

English Civics
Urdu Education
Math Punjabi
Social Studies (SST) Computer
Islamiyat Physics
General Science Chemistry

9th Class Arts Subjects List

These are all the list of 9th class subjects for computer science. You have to choose a total of seven subjects where four will be compulsory and three will be elective. Total marks of SSC part 1 are 480 in which one has to must pass in computer subject otherwise he will only pass his exams but will be executed from computer sciences. Hence the complete details are about the 9th class computer science subjects list is here. Hope you have to obtain all the details about what you are searching for but in case you have further queries in your mind you can send your comments in the following comments section.

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