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Art And Design Courses In Pakistan

There are so many art and design courses in Pakistan and a huge number of colleges and universities running in Pakistan which are offering these courses at diploma, undergraduate, and graduate levels. An individual can easily do these courses who want to make a career in the field of art and design. There is the wide and demanding scope of art and design in Pakistan. It is also falling is the list of highest paying jobs in Pakistan and out or Pakistan too. List of few of art and design courses in Pakistan are listed below in detail. The colleges and universities which are offering these courses are National College of Arts NCA, NUST, BRACH, HEC, Karachi School of Art, and National Textile University etc.

Art And Design Courses In Pakistan

Art And Design Courses In Pakistan

  1. Color and Design:

The art of creating a design and a decoration with the arrangement of elements and patterns is referred to design. A huge number of colleges and universities are offering Art, color, and design course and also offering bachelors degree program National College of Arts is one of them.

  1. Architecture:

Architecture is the art or science of designing and creating buildings and maps. There so many art and design colleges and universities which are offering Architecture courses. You can study Architecture Courses at diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate level. BA and BSc in Architecture is a three years course while to become a professional architect it takes seven years to complete the study of architecture.

  1. City and Regional Planning:

A one of the latest term added into the line up of art and design courses in Pakistan is city and regional planning. It is one of the best Art and Design course in Pakistan. It refers to the land planning to create specific communities, infrastructures, to moderate the physical facilities in towns, cities or countries. BS in the city and regional planning is comprised of 4 years program. The candidate, who wants to apply for it, must have 50% marks in intermediate/A Level or equivalent.

  1. Textile Designing:

Textile Designing is one of the leading arts course in Fashion field. It refers to the process of creating designs on (Knitted, Woven, Printed or Surface Ornamented Fabrics). Both undergraduate and graduate degree programs are includes in Textile Designing Education.

  1. Fashion Marketing and Merchandising:

Fashion Marketing and Merchandising involves all necessary activities which help in the promotion of a fashion trend and in its merchandising in order to meet the needs of customers and designer too. A bachelor in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising is a 4 years program, offering a huge number of colleges and universities in Pakistan.

  1. Sculpture:

The sculpture is the art of creating three-dimensional objects with clay, marble, plastic, wood or any other material. You can learn how to make eye and hand coordination and basics of three-dimensional objects. Most of the fine arts universities and colleges are offering one-year diploma in sculpture.

  1. Furniture Designing:

Furniture designing is a specialized field in which you can learn to design furniture, giving style, personality, and moderation. Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design PIFD is offering 4 years BS in Furniture designing. Fashion designing is one of the highest paying jobs in Pakistan.

  1. Interior Designing:

Interior designing is the process of creating interior decorations. The National College of Art NCA is offering one-year diploma in Interior designing. The interior designing professional diploma IDPD holders can easily get unlimited job opportunities everywhere in Pakistan. When you pursue your career in art and design courses in Pakistan you must take a review about interior designing course because through this course students are making their bright career.

  1. Fashion Designing:

This field of fashion designing is an art or application of design to clothes and accessories. Fashion Designing is one of the most leading and popular art and design course in Pakistan. It is a vast field and highest paying job in the 21st century. Numbers of universities are offering Bachelors in Fashion Designing BFD 4 year’s program.

  1. Digital Photography:

Digital Photography is a technique of capturing images with the arrays of photodetectors and focused lens. The National College of Arts NCA is offering Digital Photography training.  It is a six-month course in which you will be mater of techniques and tricks, how to capture the image. National Institute of Cultural Studies is also offering Digital Photography course with 1-year duration. This course is highly sophisticated for those, who want to build a career in the field of photography.

Hence these these are all those art and design courses in Pakistan which can grab a successful career in upcoming times. So you have to take a seminar class all of your fields of interest and elect any of these courses to hold a worthwhile career. We are also welcoming you to add your reviews about a course in the following comment section.

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