Aviation Courses In Pakistan

Searching for Aviation courses in Pakistan to hold the Pak Army flying aviation? You are here on the right portal to get a list of aviation courses in Pakistan Army. So all in-service officers who have no flying experience or those who are already experienced with flying and now want to learn aviation skills. You are hereby informed that in Pakistan there are many army academies and training centers which instruct individuals in Aviation. In aviation services, a candidate learns helicopter and aircraft aviation for adventure, rescue, cargo transportation, and policing. During aviation training, candidates are sent to the Karakorum, The Himalayan, the Hindukash, and the Pamirs through helicopter safaris to instruct them on new adventures and aviation with in-control flying. Authorities follow the technique of “Fly, Fly and Hike”, “Fly, Drive and Trek”, and let them to fly above 8000 meters five nestle in these rangers in Pakistan. On the completion of this training period, candidates hand out to the Pak Army for a test and took them toward K-2 through fighting airplanes and analyze their aviation there and then hire them by providing an aviation license. So if you also have zeal in your veins to fly with aviation, look down for its courses and selection procedure.

Aviation Courses In Pakistan

Aviation Courses In Pakistan

  • Basic Fixed Wing Flying Course for selected.
  • Officers with no previous flying experience.
  • Rotary Wing Qualification Courses.
  • Instructor Pilots Courses for Rotary and Fixed Wing pilots.
  • Rotary Wing (Twin Engine) Course.
  • Test Pilots (Fixed and Rotary Wing) Courses
  • Cobra Qualification Courses.
  • Aeroscout Qualification Courses.
  • Cross Rating Courses for fixed/rotary wing instructor pilots (on those aircraft on which they are qualified).
  • Up Categorisation Exam for instructor pilots.
  • Mountain Flying Courses.
  • Instrument Flying Courses.
  • Mid Career Courses (Aviation) linked with Junior Staff Courses.
  • Unit Commander Courses (Aviation).
  • Engineering & Maintenance Training
  • a) Basic B1 (Aerospace) & B2 (Avionics)
  • b) Aerospace
  • c) Avionics
  • Flight Operation
  • a) Crew Training
  • b) Flight Simulator
  • Flight Service
  • Passenger Handling Services
  • Marketing Training
  • Computer Based Training
  • Management Training
  • IATA Certified Training

Now Get: Aviation Courses In Pakistan

So this is a list of all those courses which a candidate studies and practices during aviation. These courses are prepared by Pakistan Aviation Authority to produce efficient and well-trained aviation in Pak Air Force PAF. You should opt for a field in which you think you can merge with your best because it all depends upon your interest and mental ability in that field. Aviation is rather a tough field of engineering than any other field of engineering so never choose a field that is not suited to your mindset otherwise it will become tough for you to do your degree program.

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