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Beautician Course in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad

In the present world, there is a huge focus on glamour and beauty. Women are actually very fond of beauty and fascination. No doubt a good makeup artist can grab a healthy career either he is a boy or she is a girl. So if you are also interested to be a Beautician then here you are getting the list of the beautician course in Lahore, Karahi, Islamabad.  With the advancement and instant modification in the world of glamour and fashion, we must need to know the ebbs and falls in beauty. There is a number of advances and up to date beauty institute in Pakistan which is serving the best experience in beautician courses such as hairdressing, makeup artistry, skin esthetics etc. here below you can easily find the best salon and institutes which are offering beautician course in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad.

Beautician Course in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad

Beautician Course in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad

Beautician Courses in Lahore:

  • Depilex Clinic and institute

Depilex is one of the pioneers of beauty training organization in Pakistan. It is serving it best standard and advanced level of beauty courses since 1980. It offers a four to four and a half month beauty training diploma under the supervision of institutes professional beauticians and trainers. The diploma is comprised of three subjects of beauty such as hairdressing, makeup, and skin aesthetics. The per student fee for this diploma ranges from Rs.25,000 to Rs.30,000.

  • Femina Hair and Makeup Institute:

Femina Hair and Makeup Institute is also the leading beauty institute in Lahore. It was established in 2003 by Mehran Enterprises. It is running under the 50 beauty expert professional and trainers which serves training in hair, skin, physical wellness and makeup, with latest and unique techniques. Its affiliation and certificates are recognized from Germany, Italy, France, and Spain.

  • Sawera Beauty Parlor and Training Institute:

Sawera beauty saloon is one of the best institutes for beautician courses in Lahore. It offers beautician courses along diploma in the skin, hairs, and makeup with lasts and advanced techniques at reasonable fees. It is serving their best experience of expert and professional beauty trainers.

Beautician Courses in Karachi:

  • Sammy Beauty Parlor and Training Center:

The most beautiful and sensational beauty salon in Karachi is well known as Sammy Beauty Parlor and Training Center. It is leading in serving the best and lasts techniques regarding the beauty of hair, skin, and makeup. It offers beautician courses in skin and hair esthetics, makeup techniques and skin aesthetics. The duration of their beautician courses is 3 to 4 months with reasonable fee/charges of course.

  • Depilex Beauty Clinic:

Undoubtedly you are well known for the Depliex Beauty Clinic and Institute offering best beautician training under instructions of best trainers and professional beauticians. Its branches are now spread all over Pakistan. For further detail information must visit the official website of Depilex Beauty Clinic and Institute.

  • Maria’s Saloon and Institutes

Maria’s Saloon and Beauty Institute is one of the leading and best institutes for beautician learning. It instructs you sensibly how to be a successful or professional beautician and how to maintain it. The beautician courses are offered in a wide range of skin care, hair care, makeup, cosmetics, nail art bridal and creative model making etc. For registration now must call or visit the official branch or website of Maria’s Saloon and Institute.

Beautician Courses in Islamabad:

  • Natasha’s Hair Saloon & Spa Beauty Institute:

Natasha’s Hair Saloon Spa and institute, the most sensational beauty salon offering training for dedicated girls/women who want to seek their career as a beautician, can enter to learn the best techniques and advanced levels of a beautician.

  • Image Beauty Parlor & Training Institute:

Image Beauty Parlor & Training Institute is referred to the best institute for beautician diploma which comprises of makeup, hair and skin care, nail art, and cosmetics. In order to become a leading or professional beautician must get training from Image Beauty Parlor and Training Institute in Islamabad. For further instruction must visit the official page of the website of Image Beauty Parlor and Training Institute.

  • Depilex Beauty Clinic and Training Center:

Depiliex is one of the forever and leading institutes for beautician courses bread all around Pakistan with a large number of branches. There is a number of expert professional beauty trainer trains the girls who are dedicated to learning. It offers short-term diplomas ranging from four to 5 months in hair care and skin esthetics and makeup artistry.

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