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Career Fields After 12th Commerce In Pakistan

If you have been doing Commerce in your inter level and you want to know that what can be those extended commerce fields which you can opt after getting done with your 12th class then you are at the right place. Here we will let you all about the career fields after 12th commerce in Pakistan that can be opted by you if you have studied commerce in your 11th and 12th class. We have seen that now this commerce field has been gaining wide amount of attention. Both boys and girls are now becoming the part of the commerce field because here they will be having many career options. They can get a job in the banking sector, in some multinational company, in some services company, in some telecom company. Just read the below list and get to know all about the commerce fields which the students can opt if they are interested in perusing their commerce career line. If you do nat have any kind of questions about these commerce fields then do ask from us, we will also be telling you that which one are those commerce departments that are best one for you:

Career Fields After 12th Commerce In Pakistan

Career Fields After 12th Commerce In Pakistan

Bachelor Of Business Administration (BBA)

All the commerce students can do this BBA study program. This degree has the duration of 4 years, here you will be able to study lots of subjects related to the business field like HR, marketing, finance, business communication, economics, stats, calculus, accounting and many more. Now, this degree has much scope because you can easily get a job in a bank, in some telecom company, in some multinational company, you can get a job in some business school

Bachelor Of Commerce (BCOM)

This degree also has the duration of 4 years. Now, boys and girls have been opting this study program and if you will do these bachelors from some well known university like Hailey College then you will get better jobs too. Here, by having this degree, you can get jobs in the banks as cashiers, you can be hired as a finance executive and many other suitable kind of posts are also opened for you.

Chartered Accounted (CA)

This is one of the most toughest career fields after 12th commerce in Pakistan. This degree has the time period of 6 years, you can also complete it before that, we have seen that all those people who have this CA degree in their hands, they are hired at the managerial posts. You can get a job as a finance manager, you can be a finance consultant and many other high paid jobs.

ACCA (Association Of Chartered Certified Accountants)

It is also similar to CA but it has the short duration like that of the ACCA. If the commerce students will be having the degree of ACCA then they can get smoothly jobs in all the financial institutions, doors of banks will always be opened for them.

Diploma in Retail Management

It is seen that retail managers have to do the task to carry on the day-to-day running of stores; they also have to look the daily working of the departments. It has to be the aim of the retail manager to maximize the profits and minimize the costs. If you will be getting a diploma in retail management then you can get multiple kind of jobs like these.

Diploma in Accounting and Finance

We have seen that this diploma in accounting and finance have also been getting attention. Now boys and girls can become a cashier in the bank, they can become an accountant in the bank.

LL.B. – Bachelor of Law 

This LLB degree has also much scope. You can become a law consultant, assistant lawyer in the courts, you can get jobs in the bar council, in the high courts, jobs in the bar associations.

Diploma in Human Resources

This HRM field has also much scope. It is this administrative kind of task. You can get jobs as HR manager, as an Assistant HR manager, you can be hired as a customer relation manager.

Diploma in Banking

We can say that it is the best diploma which is the diploma in banking that should be done by all of us. From this diploma, you can get suitable and also high salary jobs in the bank.

Diploma in Infrastructure and Construction

You can have job opportunities in IT and also in the construction, aviation. You can also have jobs in the energy and mining sector if you will be having this diploma.

Diploma in Marketing

If you will be having a diploma in the marketing then you can be hired as a marketing manager, you can also be hired as a PR person. All the multinational and event management companies can hire you.

Diploma in Hotel Management

We have seen that now most of the boys are doing this diploma in hotel management. In this way, they can easily be hired as hotel managers. From this diploma, you will be able to study that how you can handle and manage all the affairs of the hotel.

So, above is the complete list of all the commerce fields that can be opted and taken by any of the commerce student. If you have been studying the commerce subject in your FA level then make sure that you do not switch your subjects in the graduation. You have to trust on us that this commerce field is the best one for you. From the above list, you can have a detailed and complete look at all of the commerce fields and then make your mind that in which of the commerce sector you are more interested in. If you also want to know about the career fields of engineering and medical then you can also get in hand that list right from this webpage. It is time to be very much serious about your career line. If you think that this commerce field is best for you then you should be pursuing it till your master’s degree. If you know its concepts, if you know the scope of this field then there is no harm of making the commerce sector as your permanent profession line. Know more about the career fields after 12th commerce in Pakistan.

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