Career Options After MBBS In Pakistan

Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelors of Surgery (MBBS) considers the mainstay for medical professionals but the objective doesn’t end here. After completion of this five years medical degree, students widespread for one-year house job to professionally hold his/ her career as a Doctor (Dr.) before the name such as Dr. Allama Iqbal. But the real career still base behinds the specialization in a specific field of medicine and surgery such as heart specialist, the neurology specialist, or Ophthalmology. But many students use to take admission in postgraduate after MBBS in Pakistan and that is called the residency program. This residency program further classified into two different types; the first is MS/MD and the second option is FCPS/CPSP. These are also further 4 to 5 years studies and the practical period which is further discussed below to this passage.

Career Options After MBBS In Pakistan

Career Options After MBBS In Pakistan

Residency After MBBS in Pakistan:

As I have written in the above passage that most students use to take admission in post-graduation programs after MBBS and it is called the residency program. There are two residency programs i.e. FCPS/ CPSP and the MS/MD. So first of all, let’s take a review of both these options so that you can decide where you are seeing yourself as a successful medical student.

  • MS/MD:

These are two different terms abbreviated as Master of Surgery (MS) and the Medicine Doctor (MD). It is a conglomerate of Medicine and Surgery which is a postgraduate residency course which can only be elect by the MBBS degree holders. There are lots of medical colleges offering MSMD in Pakistan. This is a 4 to 5 years programs depending upon the specialty a student elect for doing this program in Pakistan.


Fellow of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (FCPS) is also a 4 to 5 years program which is being offer by the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSCP). It also depends on the branch of medical practice a graduate elect to do his/ her FCPS after MBBS in Pakistan. After doing this degree one can become a medical specialist in a specific field of medicine. After the FCPS students can also take admission for post-fellowship programs as a second fellowship in subspecialists. This second fellowship is also offer by the CPSP.

Master In Public Health (MPH):

If you want to address the medical issues in our medical sector you can become an MPH officer. Only MBBS degree holders can do MPH and after that, they can legally address the illegal fundamentals in medicine and surgery at a policy-level. According to my own suggestion, the MPH would be the best option for MBBS doctors because the government of Pakistan is paying special attention to this section because of the healthcare department requiring the purity for the betterment of health Educator, Community Activists, and Public Health Professors.

Clinical Research:

If you have the abilities to create something new in the clinical sector then you can choose the clinical research field. These are clinical researchers who give us the new ways of treatments, new drugs, and bio-medical-technology. Doctors just need register with the Credible Research Institute, Volunteer with a senior doctor in a research project and fill up the statement of perspective about your career.

Masters of Business Administration (MBA):

If you want to become an administrator in the medical and healthcare departments, you have a very nice option to do MBA executive. This is a 1.5 years program which teaches you to administrate the medical organizations. After doing this degree doctors are holding Medical Superintendent (MS) post as well as one can also become the administration head of different public as well as private medical hospitals.


If you are not agreeing to the above career options after MBBS in Pakistan, then you can become a teacher or you can say as a lecturer in a medical college, institute or university. Teaching is also the best career line up especially for those who are holding the MBBS degree in Pakistan. It provides a handsome salary package within a respectable environment where you can further add standpoints your better position in medical disciplines.

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