Courses After 12th Engineering In Pakistan

Here you will get a list of courses after 12th engineering in Pakistan i.e. FSc pre-engineering. Most of the students have asked this question from us that which one will be that engineering fields that should be opted by them if they will get done with their FSc exams. In the old days, we used to have a few of the engineering fields and students of FSc have limited options. But now we have to see that large numbers of engineering universities have been started opening up. They are now offering a wide and massive range of engineering courses and study programs. Now, it wholly depends on the interest of the student that in which of the engineering field he has to go! In the older days, we also saw that those few of the engineering fields were only for the boys but now we have this long list. This long list of courses after 12th engineering in Pakistan is now for both the boys and girls, girls can also now freely be the part of this engineering sector. In this post, we will be letting you know about all those possible and suitable engineering fields that can be taken by you after your 12th class. So, if you have almost completed your FSC pre-engineering then start thinking about what course of engineering you will take admission in BSc engineering undergraduate or graduate program. The following engineering courses after FSc pre-engineering in Pakistan are being offered at BSc level in different universities. A student will have to must attempt the UET ECAT Entry Test Before applying in any engineering college or university in Pakistan.

Courses After 12th Engineering In Pakistan

Courses After 12th Engineering In Pakistan

Note:- Click On Any Course Name From Below List To Read Out The Further Details of Career, Scope, Jobs, Salary, and Offering Universities About Each Engineering Program After FSc Pre Engineering in Pakistan.

Electrical Engineering:

One of the leading engineering course after FSc pre-engineering in Pakistan is Electrical Engineering. You will be studying Electric circuits, Applied Thermodynamics and also Differential Calculus-I & II in this degree program. You will also be studying the courses of Computer Fundamentals and also Engineering Drawing, the study of Semiconductor Devices and the study of Digital Signal Processing from this degree program.

Mechanical Engineering:

It has the duration of 4 years. If you will be able to get this degree in your hands then you can get a high salary job in the auto sector. We have seen that most of the boys have been opting for this study program because it has such a wide scope.

Civil Engineering:

If you will be getting done with this engineering study program then it can be the best field for you. From this degree, you might be able to get the job in the civics engineering firms; you might get a managerial post if you will do this study program from some reputable university. In the line up of courses after 12th engineering in Pakistan, civil engineering is making a perfect future for both boys and girls.

Chemical Engineering:

This engineering study program has also been getting massive attention. With this degree in your hands, you can be hired and gets a job in all the well known and reputable chemical manufacturing firms.

Petroleum & Gas Engineering:

Here all the students will be able to get a job in all the petroleum and gas fields. You can also get a job and also right at the managerial post in the petroleum companies if you will be taking this degree from famous engineering universities.

B. Tech Architecture:

This field is best for the girls, if you ae interested in designing the interior of the homes and offices then you should be going for this job. It is a high salaried job and also the best option for both the girls and boys. Bachelors of Technology in Architecture has gained a much acceptance for the list of courses after FSc pre-engineering in Pakistan and we recommend you to go with it if you have your interest to become an architect.

Computer Engineering:

It is also similar to this BSC computer science; this degree has too giant kind of scope. We have the universities like Fast, NUST, COMSATS that offer this degree program. Some students prefer to do BCS but if you are finding the courses after 12th engineering in Pakistan, then computer engineering is the best option for you in both software and hardware or computer languages matters.

Architectural Engineering:

It is viewed that this study program of engineering has also been getting massive attention, boys have been preferring this field because studying this program is full of practical works.

Environmental Engineering:

You will be studying the courses of Environmental Issues, Environmental Chemistry, and Engineering Thermodynamics and also Industrial Waste management, courses of Air pollution Control, Wastewater Treatment Plant will also be studied in this program.

Mining Engineering:

Here all the mining firms will be needing you, this degree program has also massive scope these days. In the coal mines, in the mines of other minerals, you can get a job that has the suitable kind of pay scale. This course of study will be a perfect combination for the candidates who are living in tribal areas of Pakistan because in this list of courses after 12th engineering in Pakistan, this is I think a perfect option for you to hold a bright future.

Material Science and Engineering:

If you will be opting this engineering study program then you will be studying the courses like metallurgical engineering calculations, materials science, process engineering and also foundry engineering.

Geological Engineering:

This degree has the duration of 4 years. By having this degree, you can become a geological analyst. Both girls and boys can persue for this career line, it has wide scope too.

Polymer Engineering:

This degree program has also a wide range of scope, by having this degree; you can get some suitable jobs in the plastics industry. You will also have extensive career line if you will be the part of this polymer industry.

Robotics Engineering in Pakistan:

BSc in Robotics engineering in Pakistan is one of the leading courses after 12th engineering in Pakistan for those who have the interest to design robots to assign their tasks on different platforms. Pakistan has gained a good progress in their course of study but still, there is a bit late of robotic engineers as per the need of the general market.

Automobile Engineering In Pakistan:

Automobile means the work which is done by machinery quicker than to a manual performance. Our market is requiring a big number of automobile engineers because of the new and advanced researches in this field of research. You can take admission in BS automobile engineering after FSc pre-engineering in Pakistan.

Mechatronics Engineering In Pakistan:

If you want to understand the mechatronics engineering then you have to be aware of the combination f technology combining electronics and mechanical engineering makes the perfect fusion of mechatronics. It is a complex form of engineering but a very interesting way of studying is making it a very up-rising field in undergraduate after FSc Pre-engineering.

Industrial Engineering In Pakistan:

These days, this study program is also widely opted these days. Students have been showing interest in this field because this degree can give them high pays by becoming the part of the industrial sector. This field can be best for the boys because they have to physically visit the industries and have to make an analysis for the betterment of each field as per the requirement.

So, above is the list of all the Courses After 12th Engineering In Pakistan FSc pre engineering that can be opted by you. If you want to carry on this engineering career and you want to do this 4 year graduation program of yours then above are the possible and appropriate programs that can be taken by you. It is also to be noted that you should be doing this 4-year engineering programs in some reputable university so that in the later time, you might not face any trouble while finding and looking for the job. If you want to have more details and information about these fields then you can get all those details right from here. We will be updating and keep on sharing with you if we will come across some more and engineering fields after FSc pre eng in Pakistan 12th class fields so stay tuned with us.

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