Adjective Definition And Examples In Urdu, Kinds Of Adjective

The adjective definition is “An Adjective is a word that adds something to the meaning of a Noun or a Pronoun or An Adjective is a qualifying word Such as ‘The Sun is High in the Sky’; in this sentence, the word “high” is an adjective because it is denoting the quality of the sun. Similarly in case something has inferiority such as “the old man has a bald head” in this sentence the baldness is also considered as a quality of an old man so it is also known as an adjective. Because adjective is a mixed form of parts of speech, it is divided into seven kinds which are also described here in this post with details and you will be clarified by the exercise and translation. An adjective is very important and mandatory when you are learning English Language Course. There are various examples and examples of adjectives that are done with details and you have to make up your practice as much as you can to keep this in mind for a long time. Talib. pk is providing you with the best tutorship about learning parts of speech which is the basis of the English Language Course. Keep on reading to get adjective definitions and examples in Urdu, Kinds of Adjective.

Adjective Definition And Examples In Urdu, Kinds Of Adjective

Adjective Definition

Adjectives could be defined in different ways and all are correct but as per the Oxford Dictionary of US, An adjective is defined as “a word naming an attribute of a noun or pronoun such as red, technical or sweet”. Keep on reading this post to get further details and exercise of adjectives in Urdu from the following image. You can click on the image to make it bigger so that you can read it easily and understand it.

Adjective Definition And Examples In Urdu, Kinds Of Adjective

Parts of Speech

Kinds Of Adjective

·          Noun 1.        Adjectives of Quality
·          Pronoun 2.       Adjectives of Quantity
·          Verb 3.        Demonstrative Adjectives
·          Adverb 4.        Interrogative Adjectives
·          Adjective 5.        Possessive Adjectives
·          Conjunction 6.        Numeral Adjectives
·          Interjection 7.        Proper Adjectives
·          Preposition

So this is all about adjective definition and examples in Urdu, Kinds of Adjective with exercise and details. I think this post is providing you with all about adjectives but in case you have any confusion or question your mind relating to adjectives you can ask your question via the comment box.

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