Conjunction Definition And Examples In Urdu, Kinds Of Conjunction

A conjunction is defined as a word that is used to join two or more words or sentences. It is also defined as an action or an instance of two or more things that occur at the same point in the same time such as ‘you are young but I am old’ In this sentence the word ‘but’ is a conjunction that is connecting ‘you are young’ and ‘I am old’. In simpler wording, you can say that ‘The conjunction is a joining word’. This is a very simple and use part of speech that is easy to understand and to use in a sentence but despite I suggest you make your practice as well as you can. For your help here I have written conjunction definitions and examples in Urdu, kinds of conjunction to make it easier for you to overcome this part of speech that is very used to but they have great importance in any sentence. So keep on reading this post to get your exercise of conjunction with examples and translation from Urdu to English.

Conjunction Definition And Examples In Urdu, Kinds Of Conjunction

In the following picture, you can click on it to read it clearly and to make your concept stronger with more examples of conjunction words that connect a sentence and phrase.

Conjunction Definition And Examples In Urdu, Kinds Of Conjunction

Parts of Speech

Kinds Of Conjunction

·          Noun 1.       Coordinating Conjunction
·          Pronoun 2.        Subordinating Conjunction
·          Verb
·          Adverb
·          Adjective
·          Conjunction
·          Interjection
·          Preposition

So I am hoping that you have learned all about conjunction definition and examples in Urdu, Kinds of Conjunction. In the end, I would like to suggest you that never confuse conjunction with interjection because there is some specified word that uses conjunction for example ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘because’, and ‘that’. Similarly, any word could play the role of a conjunction which is making a relation between two sentences. You can share your sentences and exercise with us via the comment box below this passage.

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