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Easy Way To Learn English Tenses In Urdu With Exercise

Here we are going to teach you the easy way to learn English tenses in Urdu with exercise. Mostly students in Pakistan take English as a burden on them to learn, read and write. Buts its all about your mind set that what you got a thing is yours. So there are some important and basic tips which make it easier for anyone to read, learn, write and even own making sentence. The first and the most initial stage of English learning is your vocabulary and then the sense of converting a sentence form English to Urdu. Your vocabulary depends upon your qualifications and sometimes it depends upon your experience of reading English. Mostly in case of vocabulary we obtain worlds from our daily life while we are travelling, we are reading a news paper or any book and or watching a movie. So, now the third and the most important thing is how to make a sentence within a proper tense. That is the most important step in learning English. Keeping this mind here on this page we have prepared an easy way to learn English tenses in Urdu with exercise. Keep reading for making yourself able to overcome the hesitation in English.

Easy Way To Learn English Tenses In Urdu With Exercise

Easy Way To Learn English Tenses In Urdu With Exercise

Tenses In Urdu With Exercise

Tenses are actually the conditions of time about Present, Past or Future. There are further four/ four phases of each tense which is Indefinite or Simple Tenses, Perfect Tenses, Continuous Tense, and Perfect Continuous Tense. Here below we have arranged all these tenses you can click on any tense to read further about it.

Present Tenses

Past Tenses

Future Tenses

English Learning Tips

Well there are some initial and basic tips that will make is easy to learn English for reading, writing and speaking.

  1. Never translate word to word English into Urdu
  2. Don’t get afraid or hesitated while speaking or writing English
  3. Keep a small notebook and write down important phrases to get improved your vocabulary
  4. Stop negative Self-Talk Means never under estimate yourself in English as it will lower your confidence
  5. Stay relaxed while spearing, reading or writing English
  6. Keep Trying and you got to done it
  7. Make a proper sentence in your mind Before you translate it into English
  8. Try to use easy wording as it would be more easier to you making sentence instead of using complicated sentences
  9. Try to gain knowledge of tenses because during learning tenses you achieve major lessons of speaking, reading and learning English
  10. Keep a flow of condition of time as if you are talking about past then never make a sentence of present or future

There are three phases of time and there are four/ four conditions for each phase of time that differentiate each tense from the other tense. Well each tense has its own recognition in English, structure and formula of making tense, form of verb and using of object. Alongside the simple sentences we see interrogative, negative and negative interrogative sentences which you will also learn in above given tenses. One who knows the use of tenses can hold on the English in learning, speaking, or writing. So I personally suggest you to must read learn all twelve sentences and make your practice well as it would be the easy way to learn English in Urdu with exercise.

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