English Grammar Rules In Urdu

From this page you are learning English Grammar rules in Urdu with examples. We have arranged a complete course of English grammar for beginners who have recently join our Learn English Language Course in Urdu. Well, before start learning the lessons you should be aware about what is definition of English Grammar. So first of all I am elaborating the word grammar. Grammar is the technical structure and system of a language or languages which consists upon the syntax, morphology and semantics. Similarly, English grammar is particular structure and function of writing and speaking the English language properly. Each language has a historical background. With the passage of time different structural variations were emerged in English and now we have an advanced form of English which is incomplete without the use of a proper grammatical interface. So let’s start our lesson for English grammar rules in Urdu with examples…

English Grammar Rules In Urdu

English Grammar Rules In Urdu

In English grammar a sentence contains a subject, form of verb, function of verb, and object. These three elements (subject, verb, object) make a complete sensible sentence to understand. English Grammar rules teaches us how to use all these elements in a sentence such as either the subject will come in starting of the sentence, which form of verb will appropriate for this sentence. All these things will be clear in our tenses lesson.

Besides the tenses the other things like punctuation, connections of phrase, conjunction and interjection as well as verb and adverb. All these are the technical rules of English Grammar which are necessary for everyone to learn in order to correctly and properly read, write and speak English.

Basic English Grammar Rules In Urdu:

The following are those rules which are basic and general rules about to read, write or speak English under grammatical principals.

  • Start any sentence with capital letter after a full stop
  • Write Noun or Name of any person of place in Capital letter
  • There should be single verb and noun in one sentence. More verbs and nouns in one sentence will confuse phrase
  • Never use preposition in the end of a sentence
  • Avoid conjunctions to write in the start of a sentence
  • Use correct punctuation in the end of a sentence. Such as a question should be end up with question mark
  • When you have to point out two different multiple thoughts in one sentence must separate both with (,) comma
  • Each sentence should be completely defined with a meaning full end up
  • Make sure case and numbering of the subject and the form of verb are matching correctly
  • If an apostrophe is required, it should be wrote that time when you have to show the ownership

Besides this there are some technical and rules in English Grammar which I have written in the lesson form.

Technical English Grammar Rules In Urdu:

Now In the following table you are getting all the lessons which you can learn for understanding the each rule and its elements about use in every sentence. You can click on any lesson to open it and to read it to get its details about how to use it in a sentence according to the grammatical rules.

Click on Lesson Name to Open It…

Lesson No 1 Tenses
Lesson No 2 Verb
Lesson No 3 Adverb
Lesson No 4 Conjunction
Lesson No 5 Interjection
Lesson No 6 Noun
Lesson No 7 Pronoun
Lesson No 8 Parts of Speech
Lesson No 9 Preposition
Lesson No 10 Adjective

So in order to complete your spoken English course, it is necessary for you to get know about these grammatical rules of English grammar rules in Urdu with examples for beginners. You can learn each lesson for each day and I am sure this will proves a very helpful for you. During the course if you find any hurdle or query you can can contact our online English grammar teachers by sending your comments below.

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