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Learn English Language Course In Urdu Online Free

Learn English language course in Urdu online free for all those individuals who feel hesitation in speaking, reading or writing English. Well, first of all – I would like to high light the basics of English language course and that are ‘Tenses’ and ‘Vocabulary’. If you know about tenses, you are ready to make a sense of your sentence, while if you have good vocabulary then you are ready to give words to your sentence. So both Tenses and vocabulary will be discussed here in this page which is necessary to be learned in your daily routine work. Furthermore – there are some other important topics in English Language course such as parts of speech, Adjectives, Noun, Pronoun and Preposition, but all these comes later to the basics of learn English language course and that is tenses and vocabulary which you are going to get below. Above the entire thing which is the most important when you are going to learn English Language Course and that is your practice. How much you make practice and your own sentences you achieve perfection and that is a good thing for you to learn English in very short period of time. Keep all these important points in your mind and scroll down this page for learn English language course in Urdu online free.

Learn English Language Course In Urdu

Learn English Language Course In Urdu Online Free

We suggest you to start your lean English language course step by step from the table below starting from present indefinite tense and then step up towards the past and future tenses.


In English language course after the basics of English, the main thing is tenses which are necessary to learn properly and completely. Tenses are the inflection of time to express an action performed by a verb in a specific period of time such as in Present, In Past or will be in the future. The major tenses are Present, Past and Future and each tense has its four further conditions either for simple or indefinite tense, Continuous Tense, Perfect Tense or Perfect Continuous Tense.

Note: – Click on The Name of Tense To Get Its Further Types & Details

Present Tenses

·         Present Indefinite

·         Present Continuous

·         Present Perfect

·         Present Perfect Continuous

Past Tenses

·         Past Indefinite

·        Past Continuous

·         Past Perfect

·         Past Perfect Continuous

Future Tenses

·         Future Indefinite

·         Future Continuous

·         Future Perfect

·         Future Perfect Continuous

Parts of Speech:

assign the category of each word according to its syntactic function. In English language the main parts of speech are ‘Noun’, ‘Pronoun’, ‘Adjective’, ‘Determiner’, ‘Verb’, ‘Adverb’, ‘Preposition’, ‘Conjunction’ and ‘Interjection’.

  1. Noun
  2. Pronoun
  3. Verb
  4. Adverb
  5. Adjective
  6. Conjunction
  7. Interjection
  8. Preposition

Basics of English Language

Consonants are the basics of any language as well as in English language. There are total twenty one (21) alphabets in English and each alphabet having its own sound and it is known as the consonant of English Language. These consonants are relates with the vowels and constants.

Beside this, Is, Are, Am and Has Have are also considers as the basic of English language course. You can click on any of the following to learn details about it…

Basic Vocabulary Words

we are use to with basic vocabulary words in our daily life such sorry, thank you, welcome, how are you, where are you going and so on. So these are actually basic vocabulary words of English. we can also say as common English words used in daily life. There is a list of basic vocabulary words what if you learn your speaking and writing of English will improved simultaneously.

Eatables Grocery Items Vegetables and Fruits
Animal and Birds Parts of Body Name
Daily Use English Sentence Kinds of Sentence

Direct and Indirect:

These are also the most important technique in English which is direct and indirect. It is also necessary for students to learn it and here we have prepare a complete page for it…

Direct and Indirect Speech Rules In Urdu With Example

It’s a common and natural phenomenon that when you lean something in your own easy learning language that thing some perfection in your mind set, so that is why we have prepared English language course in Urdu. More over we have provided you comment box below so that you can make your practice firm in sentences by making your own sentences. You also can ask any question about this course via comment box below relating to learn English language course in Urdu online free.


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