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Personal, Reflexive, Relative Pronoun Definition In Urdu With Examples

Personal pronoun is used to comprise a set that shows contrasts of person, gender, number and case. It could be singular, plural, masculine and feminine for example “She bought a car”, “Boys obeyed them”, “Mother loves me”, (I, You, he, she, it, We, They, Him, her, us and them) are known as personal pronoun. The Reflexive Pronoun is defined as a pronoun that is used to connect a clause or saying to a noun or pronoun for exams ‘who’, whom’, ‘which’ and ‘whichever’; for example when we write “I shall post these letters myself, and or we write “She was herself driving the car’. The Relative pronouns are defined as a pronoun that is used as a noun and they also connect with the subject after comma. Such as when we write “I met Naheed. Naheed is found of Painting or “I met Naheed. She is found of Painting”. So these are definition and exams about these three kinds of pronoun further you will learn about these pronoun when you will read personal, reflexive and relative pronoun definition in Urdu with examples from the below given details.

Personal, Reflexive, Relative Pronoun Definition In Urdu With Examples

Personal Pronoun In Urdu

Personal, Reflexive, Relative Pronoun Definition In Urdu With Examples

Reflexive Pronoun In Urdu


Relative Pronoun In Urdu


Parts of Speech

Kinds Of Pronoun

Distributive Pronoun
Personal Pronoun

So you are suggested and advised that you must make your practice with your own sentences and share your sentences with us via comment box below. When you are learning English Language Course, the first thing we suggest you ever is your practice which you make with your own sentences and this is a good way to learn and to keep in mind these grammatical fundamentals of English language course in your speaking, reading and or writing English. Above all you are also informed that you should not mixed up with these kinds of parts of speech and that is based on your own practice sitting at your home. In case you have any confusion relating to personal, reflexive, relative pronoun definition In Urdu with examples you can send your question in the comment box below of this passage.


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