Use Of Has, Have, Had In English Grammar In Urdu With Examples

When you are learning English language course, then these three terms are one of the most use to terms. I am talking about has, have and had. Here I am telling you the use of Has, Have, Had in English Grammar in Urdu with examples. Actually these are the root verbs which used to show the ownership of any person about anything. But there is a difference of functions of both these terms. Has is use for He, She, It and singular while they Have is used with I, We, They, You and plural sentences. Had is used with both singular and plural sentences but it shows that some work has done in the past.

These are very easy to learn at any level but practice will make your more efficient with the use of Has, have, had in English grammar. If you learn these root verbs then you will be fully acquire to write, read and speak English with a correct and proper sense. But most of the people do not know the proper the perfect usage of these verbs and they confuse any sentence. So keep on reading this post to get examples in Urdu.

Use of Has In English Grammar In Urdu

Has is a root verb that use with singular nouns like he, she and it. Such as “She has charming eyes”, “He has two dresses”. Moreover when we use has with name of any person and he has had some work in past, then we always use 3rd form of verb such as “Alia has made tea”. The wrong sentence is “Alia has make tea”. Similarly there are so many examples of it which you can see in the following image for use of has in English grammar in Urdu…

Use of Have In English Grammar In Urdu

Have is used with plural pronoun as well as I, we, they and you. Such as “I have a good news for you”. In case you have to write some work done from a pronoun we use 1st form of verb like “I have make tea” while the wrong sentence is “You have made tea”.

Use of Had in English Grammar In Urdu

Had is use for those works done in the past times. Such as “Ali had two shirts”.

In Interrogative Sentences

In case of interrogative sentences you just have to write on the starting of the sentence and the other sentence will remain same.

Negative Sentences

In case of negative sentences you just have to write not after has, have or had for simple sentences. While if you are writing an interrogative sentence you have to write not after noun or pronoun and has, have or had will bring int the start of sentence.

You can see use of has, have, had in English grammar in Urdu with examples in the following page. Click on the page below to get make it bigger so that you can read it clearly and easily.

Use Of Has, Have, Had In English Grammar In Urdu With Examples

Use of Has, Have, Had In English Grammar In Urdu With Examples

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Here the complete guidance is given for the use of has, have and had with examples in Urdu. I wrote all the instruction and guidance in simple and easy wording which is even understandable by the matic level students. But in case you are failure to understand this topic, you can send your comment in the following comment box and we will reply you as soon as possible.   

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