Verb Definition And Examples In Urdu Kinds Of Verb

Here I have written all about verb definition and examples in Urdu along with kinds of verbs. A verb is an essential part of any sentence even if it contains two words such as “I eat”; these two words “Eat” is telling us about a work related to eating something. Similarly whenever we talk about a work or an action that has been happening or will happen or a work going on relating to physical or mental action is known as a Verb. But here before you read further about a verb I would like to mention you that never mixed a verb with a subject for example “Ali is flying a kite” In this sentence Ali and Kite are subjects, and “Is” and “A” are helping verbs while Flying is a verb that is indicating a work going on. Moreover, verbs are grammatically classified into two kinds that are The Intransitive Verb and Transitive Verbs. So keep on reading this post and make your own sentence to for making your practice as well as you can. It is also advised that if you learn verbs and kinds of verbs in Urdu, it will be easier for you to keep in mind for a long time.

Verb Definition And Examples In Urdu Kinds Of Verb

Definition Verb

The verb denotes any physical or mental action performed by a subject in any time past, present, or future.

Verb Definition And Examples In Urdu Kinds Of Verb

Parts of Speech

Kinds Of Verb

1.    Noun
2.    Pronoun
3.    Verb
4.    Adverb
5.    Adjective
6.    Conjunction
7.    Interjection
8.    Preposition

So this is all about verb definition and examples of Urdu kinds of verbs. I am hoping that you are all now well aware of verbs that are an essential part of speech for speaking and writing English. In case you make a wrong verb or you write a wrong form or verb your complete sentence will be disturbed and will be considered as a wrong sentence. Share your sentence with us via the comment section below for making your practice very well.

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