Hotel Management Course In Pakistan, Scope, Jobs, Institutes

Hotel Management Course In Pakistan, Scope, Jobs, Institutes are arranged here. This is a very vast field which is not only concerned with a single field of working such as baking or cooking but it is all about culinary arts, hotel management skills, presentations and decorating of foods as well as controlling of staff working in hotel. So you should never mixed the hotel management courses with chef courses because the chef is only concerned with a specified field of cooking and backing while the hotel management opt all the culinary works that correlates with the organizing activities of a hotel management business. In hotel management you have to manage all hostel’s activities to provide better services to the consumers even you are a manager or an owner. If you have study the hotel management course you can manage your business or job in the better way than of a person who has no theoretical data about to manage a hotel. This is a rapidly increasing field in Pakistan where you have a lot of job opportunities and career build prospects that leads to a successful career. Fast food and hoteling trend is getting distinction among Pakistani peoples and they prefer to a hotel which is offering a delicious taste within a well convenient neat and clean environment which you can learn only when you have done a hotel a management course in Pakistan. So keep on reading this post to get further details about scope, jobs and institutes offering hotel management courses in Pakistan.

Hotel Management Course In Pakistan, Scope, Jobs, Institutes

Hotel Management Course In Pakistan, Scope, Jobs, Institutes

Hotel Management Courses In Pakistan

Various institutes are there in Pakistan which are offering diploma and degree courses for the hotel management at bachelors and masters level in the following disciplines. At bachelors level it is a 2 years program and for institutes offer 1 year/ 2 years and 3 years diploma in hotel management and the courses under the field of study are following.

  • Reservation System Management
  • Hotel Front Office Courtesies and Etiquettes
  • Housekeeping
  • Record Keeping
  • Food Production
  • Food Service
  • Hospitality Management
  • Registration Procedure
  • Human Resource Management
  • Food Costing
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Communication Skills
  • Hotel Accounting
  • Problem Solving
  • Leadership

Hotel Management Offering Institutes in Pakistan

There are various public and private instates offering hotel management courses in Pakistan but these following institutes are those which are top and the best institutes and offer courses in all of their branches in Pakistan.

  • Pakistan Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (PITHM)
  • Federal Institute of Tourism and Hotel management, Islamabad (FITHM)
  • College of Tourism and Hotel Management (COTHM)
  • TDCP Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management Lahore
  • Government College of Management Sciences Lahore
  • Pakistan-Austrian Institute For Tourism and Hotel Management (Swat)

Hotel Management Jobs In Pakistan

One can opt the following posts after hotel management course in Pakistan and can earn a handsome monthly salary package. Well according to a general review the starting salary for a diploma holder without any experience start from 15, 000/- to 20, 000/- per month while one who is degree holder and having at least one year job experience can earn starting salary from 25, 000/- to 30, 000/- or plus. So the job posts are as following

  • Hotel Human Resource Manager (After Bachelors of Master’s Degree)
  • Culinary Art Manager
  • Hotel Front Office Manager Position
  • Hotel Accounts and Record Manager
  • Hiring and Recruiter Manager
  • Event Decorating and Presentation Manager

Hotel Management Scope In Pakistan

Well the scope of hotel management is so high and bright in current time and of course in the upcoming times will be. The reason is that the hotels trend and intentions are so positive in Pakistan and one who has a good skills about to manage a hotel is earning a good salary amount. It is because the peoples are doing hotel management course in Pakistan in less number then other courses so that the vacant job positions will be superior then others. So I personally suggest you that if you are seeking a successful career in Pakistan then you have this best option for you to go with Hotel management course in Pakistan.

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