Medical Fields After FSC Pre Medical In Pakistan

If you want to pursue medical fields after FSC Pre Medical in Pakistan then here we are providing you the better assistance about fields after FSc pre-medical in Pakistan. We have seen that it is the desire of most students to go with MBBS or BDS. But not everyone can chase the merit for it due to tough competition. In Punjab Pakistan, the University of Health Sciences (UHS) take MDCAT for MBBS and MBDS admissions to those students who obtain minimum 60% marks in FSc pre-medical. While there are lots of students who can’t secure 60% marks. Such students can take go in numerous other medical fields after FSc Pre Medical in Pakistan. They can go in nursing, allied health sciences and clinical courses as well as the Physiotherapy and Pharmacy fields. So fields for medical students after 12th class depend upon the marks percent in Fsc pre-medical and field of interest.

Medical Fields After FSC Pre Medical In Pakistan

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There is a big number of private medical colleges in Pakistan as well as the government medical colleges in Pakistan. With each up to the day, new medial courses and fields are getting up. For exams, if we take a flashback in 2013 or 2012 there was not any concept of Medical Imaging Technology (MIT) or Cardiac Perfusion Technology (CPT) in Pakistan. So now students have a wide range of medical fields after FSc Pre Medical in Pakistan. Scroll down this page and get better ideas for choosing a course at BSc medical fields.

Medical Fields After FSC In Pakistan

MBBS (Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelors of Surgery):

One of the major and the most popular medical fields after FSc Pre Medical in Pakistan is MBBS. MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. It is a five years program. It is mandatory to secure at least 60% marks in FSc Pre Medical or equivalent marks in A-levels and pass MDCAT entry test.

BDS (Bachelors of Dental Surgery):

If you want to become a dental doctor then you have a better option for doing the bachelor in the dental surgery. You can take admission in this program if you have secure 60% marks in 12th class and you also have to clear the medical and dental colleges admission test. It is also a five years program in which the 4 years are of your theoretical studies while the 1 year for a house job in some dental section of a Public sector PMDC recognize hospital.


If your marks are less then to the 60% or your merit doesn’t meet for MBBS or BDS then a comprehensive option for you is to apply for BSc in Doctor of Pharmacy (D-Pharmacy). This fields relating the medicines chemical formulation. These doctors specified a medicine for a specified diastase. This medical field is most demanding not only in Pakistan but you can also hold a successful career abroad.

DPT (Doctor of Physiotherapy):

These days it is the best option for medical fields after FSC Pre Medical in Pakistan. Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) is a different way of treatment for any disease or pain in the human body. This is a very successful terminology in the field of medicine all over the world as well as in Pakistan. After FSc Pre Medical with at least 50% marks, you can take admission in this program to continue your career line in hospitals.

BSC Nursing:

Nursing is an efficient field of profession especially for females. But if you are a male then doing the BSc nursing will gives you a healthy career and a better future in medical. It is the 4 years BSc honors program. All those girls who cannot afford to carry on the MBBS and also BDS study programs, they can get admission in the BSC nursing program. If you have this degree, then you can easily get a job in any hospital.

DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine):

Those who want to go to animal doctoral medical fields after FSC Pre Medical in Pakistan can study this program. DVM stands for the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. You want to become an animal doctor? If you will be opting this medical field then you will become a doctor to diagnose and treat the illness in the pets. Now this medical field has been getting massive and most of the students have been opting for this program. This is a four years BSc in DVM program which is being offered by almost each university.

BSC in Agricultural Medicine:

If you are interested in treating the crops diseases then it can be this medical field of Agricultural medicine can fulfill your aim. Not every university offers admission in this program but you can easily find out the universities offering BSc in agricultural medicine in Pakistan.

BSc Botany:

Botany is a field of plants studies. Public and private colleges and institutes offers this program after FSc pre medical with 50% marks. It is a four years BSc honors degree program. You can grab a good career with this field of studies and that is leading towards a successful career line.

BSc in Biotechnology:

Biotechnology has become one of the options of study for the medical fields after FSC Pre Medical in Pakistan. You can also get done with these 4 years of the biotechnology study program. It is that kind of medical field in which you will be studying that what are the latest biological equipment, how biotechnology sector can be better improved. In Pakistan, the scope of this particular medical field is getting high.

BSC in Bio-Genetic Engineering:

All the medical students can also opt for this graduation study program in the field of Biogenetics. The scope of this medical field is also getting high and we have seen that now a handful number of students has been doing this BSC in Biogenetics. In the list of medical fields after FSC Pre Medical in Pakistan, biogenetic engineering also a career orienting field for those want to grab a successful career in their future.

BSc Medical Lab Technology:

Medical labs are performing a good job in medical fields about to technical mechanical or diagnostic tests in scientific laboratories. A lab technician is fully skil to operate each type of lab machine and technology or they can also analyze the test results.

BSc Medical Imaging Technology:

Medical Imaging Technology (MIT) is a medical field that relates with the X-ray, Ultrasound, MRI, CT Scan and other like these imaging techniques. One who done this degree is known as the Radiographer or Medical Imaging Doctor. Scope of this medical field after FSc Pre Medical is grabbing the career build opportunities.

BSc Psychology:

Psychology is a well famous field of study these days in Pakistan. almost every college and university is offering admission to this BSc four years program. For being a psychiatrist you can acquire this degree and then you have to complete your house job in some hospital and your career in medical fields will be continue simultaneously.

BSC Anatomy:

You can also be the part of the medical fields like in anatomy and Community medicine. By having this degree of this study program, you can be hired as a lecturer or professor in some medical college.

BSc Forensic Medicine:

This field of study relates with the investigation of injury or disease during an accident or mishap. So a Forensic doctor is equipped with multi tasking medical diagnosis. Over the years this field is a much demanding and our hospitals have a lake of well skilled forensic doctors. If you get this degree then you can take hold on it.

BSC Cardiac Perfusion:

You want to be a heart doctor? Want to diagnose and treat the diseases and abnormalities of heart? BSc Cardiology leads you best in this field of study. Its a four years BSc honors degree which student can attain medical fields after FSC Pre medical in Pakistan. after the completion, of course, one year of practical practice is necessary to get the degree and approval stamp from the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC).

BSC In Microbiology:

Microscopic diagnosis and analyses of hormones and other body fluids is a Microbiology relating field. You can also do these 4 years study program in the field of Microbiology. This field deals with the biology and chemistry subjects and most of the colleges and medical universities have been opting for this field.

BSC General Medicine:

It is noticeable too that students have now been opting the medical coursing in General medicine, Neurology. General Medicine Doctors is called as GP in medical term. GP is fully trained to treat a patient who is involved in some acute and chronic illnesses. This field of studies is not an easy deal but if you successfully have done it, you will have a lot of career build options in general medicine departs.

BSC in Anesthesiology:

It is seen too that in the fields of Anesthesiology and also in the departments of Cardiac surgery, students have been taking admission. If you will have this BSC degree then you can get a job in the hospitals. You can also be a part of medical fields like Psychiatry, Pulmonology. You can do the BSC in Chest medicine, Radiotherapy. Nowadays this is also the best medical fields after FSC Pre medical in Pakistan. You can also do the bachelor program in the Urology

So, all these are the medical fields after Fsc pre medical in Pakistan that can be studied by you after your FSC exams. It is time to pick out the best of the medical field and work hard for it. If you want to become a doctor then you should be working hard to clear the entry test. We will be sharing more details about these medical fields so stay tuned with us. We will also let you know about those medical colleges that offer these medical fields so stay connected.

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