Professional Chef Training Courses In Pakistan Institute, Jobs, Salary

Professional Chef Training Courses In Pakistan, Jobs, Salary, Scope are listed here you can read below of this informative passage. In Pakistan the profession of being a chef has reached at the peak due to its strong and secure career and package. A few years ago there was no any essential education required for joining this field but with the passage of time this field has become an exceptional and separate field for which a chef has to pass many courses and contests to come on the surface as a professional chef. These days there are several institutes have assembled which offer different professional chef training courses in Pakistan. Being a chef does not means that you are just a backer but in big and well reputed hotels a chef is known as the taste king of that place. Peoples come to eat food only by inspiring with the taste of that chef but not to see the charming walls of that hotel.

Being a chef it doesn’t means only a backer but it’s a tough and challenging field as a chef is answerable for any health related question by the health management authority. Moreover a chef is fully aware of the “culinary Arts” which means how to cook, bake and serve a food which can amuse peoples before eating.

Professional Chef Training Courses In Pakistan Institute, Jobs, Salary

Professional Chef Training Courses In Pakistan

So if you also want to learn these arts and become a professional chef then you have to study the following courses and practice them in kitchen. After you pass your contest you receive a certificate of professional chef.

Professional Chef Training Courses In Pakistan

  • Diploma In Culinary Arts Course
  • Advanced Diploma In Culinary Arts Course
  • Certificate In Professional Cookery Course
  • Certificate In Professional Baking Course
  • Certificate In Fast Food And Pakistani Cuisine Course
  • Kitchen Management and Skill courses
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Diploma in Hotel Operations Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Continental Chef Course in Chinese, Thai, Italian, Mexican,

These are those courses which consist of 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and 2 years of duration with double duration of training or internship. In Pakistan there are many institutes which admission for professional chef and grant a certificates for join profession.

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Professional Chef Training Institutes In Pakistan

In these institutes the biggest name in Pakistan is

  • College of Tourism and Hotel Management (COTHM) Lahore. Beside this there are some other famous institutes like
  • TDCP institute of Tourism and Hotel Management, Pakistan
  • Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management, Karachi and
  • School of Culinary Arts (SCA) in the first successful project of CTTS.

There are many other public and private chef training centers in Pakistan but these are those which are considered the best and have produced the top chefs of Pakistan. So once you have done your professional chef course in Pakistan you can avail the following jobs opportunity

Professional Chef Jobs In Pakistan

The job sector is very vast for a professional chef not only in Pakistan but also in all over the world. If some one is known to cook a specified cultural food he or she is well demanded world wide. So there are various fields of job on which a professional chef could be hired and that fields are as under

  • Executive or Head Chef
  • Station Chef
  • Line Cook (Commies)
  • Expediter
  • Sous Chef

All these jobs sections depends upon your expertise and faculties such as in which field you have done your course and what is your experience in that field. So the above mentioned positions are only appointed as per the faculty’s exertions.

Professional Chef Salary/ Income In Pakistan

Well the salary or income is the main instinct of any profession. So you are informed that the in the salary matter this is the best and the merged field for you. In Pakistan numbers of famous hotels and restaurants are exists which offer handsome and well ranked jobs along with a handsome amount of salary. Monthly salary of a professional chef is variant according to the experience and expertise but according to an estimation it starts from 25000/- to 30, 000/- per month and it can touch a figure of 1 K. So if you are going to be a professional chef then I suggest you that it is your best choice to attain a healthy career for your bright future and to make your name in this field.

You can take admission in any of the above given institutes if your intermediate is clear and you want to be a professional chef in Pakistan.

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