Travel and Tourism Courses in Pakistan

We are sharing a list of travel and tourism courses in Pakistan. Travel and Tourism Industry is one of the largest industries in Pakistan you can say. Tourism brings international understandings among different peoples of the country that is considering the beneficial aspect. This industry is originating from a huge number of employment opportunities. There are so many institutes and universities are running in Pakistan, are offering Travel and Tourism courses. By doing some specific travel and tourism courses you can earn higher and bring competitive guts in to face future challenges. This is no doubt the huge industry and regulating a huge number of travel and tourism agencies. There are so many Institutes of Tourism and in Pakistan such as Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (ITHM), College of Tourism and Hotel Management (CTHM), Pakistan Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (PITHM) etc. these institute conduct so many Travel and Tourism courses which are listed below in detail.

Travel and Tourism Courses in Pakistan

If you are interested to do this course and want to do, then you have to be aware of what are the career lineups in which you can choose in this field of study. You have different options to choose one of the best according to your phase of interest, its scope, and of course the earning point. Just scroll down this page and keep on reading now to get the list of tourism travel courses name, eligibility, and scope.

Travel and Tourism Courses in Pakistan

  • Travel and Tourism Management Course:

The best travel and Tourism Management course, in which you learn business travel and tourism, customers service skills, communication skills, business practices, and latest marketing techniques. It teaches you how to deliver outstanding services.

It refers to the many coordinating operational tasks and duties. It teaches how to control and coordinate the responsibilities of the hotel like reception, administration, marketing, functions and events, and management. This is a very beneficial course in order to become a Hotel, Resort and a Restaurant Manager.

  • Professional Reception and Switchboard Training

Reception is known as the front desk officer who always refers to the daily record keeping and managing daily tasks. The receptionist is a most important officer of any place. Dealing with customers sometimes goes difficult to manage. The receptionist must have the skill to manage or tempt the telephone call, answer the right questions of the customers and manage the daily record properly.

  • Cabin Crew Diploma

In the list of travel and tourism courses in Pakistan, this is the most demanding course of study among girls. The interested persons who want to become a flight attendant or a member of cabin crew can easily do this diploma. This course gives you enough knowledge, skill, and information for the flight attendant and as a cabin crew.

  • Holiday Rep Course

Holiday Rep is also a Tourism course with bright career approach. The basic responsibilities of Holiday Representative is that create the best impression and ensure that client enjoys their holidays and take the best care while providing customer service throughout the stay of the client.

  • Hospitality Course:

The hospitality industry is growing very fast not only in Pakistan but most of the countries of the world. The Hospitality course comprises of event management, restaurant management, hotel reception, and hotel management.

  • Commercial and Travel Photography Training Course:

Undoubtedly this universe is full of fascinating and unique place. Everyone wants to capture the beautiful moment they spend on that unique places. By learning commercial and travel photography you will be able to learn shooting skills, to manage difficult angles, light effects, coastline and capturing skills.

  • Travel Writing Course

This course is specially designed in order to write outstanding, interesting, inspirational and entertaining travel journals. In this course, you teach with travel writing skills and style which is necessary for successful writing.

All above-mention travel and tourism courses in Pakistan are carried out by different institutes in Pakistan. These courses lead to a bright career. The Travel and Tourism is a very versatile industry and originates many employment opportunities for interested persons.

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