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What To Do After A Levels In Pakistan

Many of the students have this question from us that What To Do After A Levels In Pakistan and that what career line they should be opting! We have seen many of the A Levels confused because they do not have that set direction about their career line. A level or Advanced level is an international certificate equal to intermediate level or 12 years of education. Students are allowed to choose A levels subjects combination for Medicine, Engineering, Pure Sciences, general sciences, liberal arts, commerce and cross listed subjects. It is very important to choose right field for your career because after A levels you are going to be professional and wrong decision will lead you to distortion of your whole career. Here we will let you know that what you can do if you have finished your A Levels with any of these subject combinations. Furthermore we also guide you that if you want to change your field than what are the options after A levels. Please keep on reading for more information about what to do after A levels in Pakistan.

What To Do After A Levels In Pakistan

What To Do After A Levels In Pakistan

  • If you have done A Levels in accounting then you can do CA. In Pakistan, we have the massive scope for the CA candidates, you can huge salary plus high posts too. So, it is better for all the A Levels students that they should be doing their majors in accounting and later on opting the field of CA.
  • If you have done A Levels in economics then you can also do bachelors in economics. In this way, you will have scope in the banking field, by doing this major; you will become a specialized banker. You can become a better economist and can get job easily in any of the financial banks because they prefer A Levels students too.
  • You can also do the ACCA because the scope of these accountancy fields is massive in Pakistan.
  • In the A Levels, we have the subject of mathematics so you can also do the bachelors in the mathematics and then later can become a lecturer.
  • If you have studied medical subjects in your A Levels time then you can also opt for the MBBS degree, we have seen many of the A Levels students becoming the MBBS degree holders.

In short, it can be said that it is this maths and accounting and also finance and economics major that can be opted by all the A Levels students. These students do not have to get scared that after getting answer of What To Do After A Levels In Pakistan, their studies will be over and they will be having fewer options. In fact the reality is that it is these A Levels students that have more practical knowledge of all the subjects, they have more conceptual know how of their subjects. Just stay tuned with us and we will be putting up more of the options and suggestions that what these A Levels students can opt for.

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  1. What if I do Medicine? Will it be hard to get admission in good universities?

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