How To Become a Doctor In Pakistan

A one of the most respectable and best profession about to earning is becoming a doctor in Pakistan. This is why almost each student wants to become doctor. Do you have same wish? But do you know how to become a doctor in Pakistan? Here I have wrote complete details in this matter and after reading this entire post you will come know all about this query including; study duration, what subject do you need to become a doctor and course degree details. It is one of the most competitive study in Pakistan and a large number of students pursue their career in medical fields after 8th class. After that students take admission in FSc pre-medical or A level with medial majors. At this steps students have to pass initial entry test i.e. MDCAT test in Pakistan and so on. Just keep on reading this post and come to know about how to become a doctor in Pakistan.

How To Become a Doctor In Pakistan

How To Become a Doctor In Pakistan

These following steps are the most initial steps to make-up a study plan to take admission in medical disciplines from school to college and from college to a university.

  • Set Aim / Plan
  • Do Matric with Biology or O-Levels with Medical Subjects
  • Do FSC with Biology or A-Levels With Medical Majors
  • Prepare for Combined Medical Entry Test
  • Apply in Medical College
  • Choose your Preference

Set Aim:

First step is to set aim that either you really want to be doctor or you have forced by your parents to become a doctor. Everything that anyone wants to achieve must have to plan about what to achieve? And how to achieve? Once you have set the aim than it will become easy for you to achieve your aim. It is the first step for how to become a doctor in Pakistan.

Medical Field After Inter/ A-Levels:

Beside these, there are lots of medical fields after FSc pre-medical which you can choose.

Matric With Biology:

Everyone who wants to become a doctor in Pakistan must have to done Matriculation with biology because without having basic knowledge, no one can do specialization. Students, who done matric with arts or computer will not, allowed to do FSC Pre Biology. It is also mandatory for students to get good marks in Matric to get admission in any good college.

FSC Pre Medical:

As you have decided to become a doctor and want to join medical field than it is compulsory for you to do FSC Pre medical or biology. Without clearing FSC pre-medical no student will get admission in medical field for higher education. FSC is most important because it plays important role in admission allotment.

Combined Entry Test:

In Pakistan, medical institutes are few but students are more in number. Therefore there is huge competition in this field. To choose best student for medical field universities arranges entry test. If you are from Punjab Than you have to prepare and pass MDCAT but if you are from KPK than you should apply for ETEA test. These tests are compulsory for admission in public universities and in some private medical institute. Some Medical institute also takes their entry test or accepts NTS NAT-1 for admission.

Apply in Medical College:

After all of this, either you are sure to get admission or not, you have to apply for the admission in government and private medical colleges. Universities conducts entry test before announcement of result and that is why you have to alert and apply within time. If the time will pass, you have to wait for one year.

Medical Colleges Admission In Pakistan

Choose Your Preference:

At the end, you have to choose what to study or in which field do you want to do specialization. Candidates can choose MBBS, BDS, Pharm. D or any other medical course to become a future doctor in Pakistan. It is also one of the most important steps to become a doctor in Pakistan because selection of wrong subject may lead to failure. Now students can follow these steps, and can fulfill their dream to become a doctor in Pakistan. These are the basic steps for becoming doctor in Pakistan.

Hence the details are about how to become a doctor in Pakistan. I am hoping that you are all now well aware about to become a doctor in Pakistan. But in case of any confusion or query you can send your FAQs in the following comment box relating to this post.

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