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How To Start A Fish Farm Business In Pakistan, Cost, Facts

Fish farming is also known as Aquaculture or animal husbandry. To initiate the project of Fish Farming one should to gather the knowledge about the animal husbandry. Further, this knowledge is very basic in nature, means the variety of fish, conditions on environment and the markets. Without the knowledge of the specific business one may not successfully achieve the target. It may require actual knowledge and techniques to tackle the business as well as the expense of the business.

How To Start A Fish Farm Business In Pakistan, Cost, Facts

How To Start A Fish Farm Business In Pakistan, Cost, Facts

Basic requirements of a Fish farm

The business of the fishing is very profitable in nature if it is handled with care.


The main important thing in the fish farm is land. The topography of the land is checked before being used. The soil must have 25-30% of clay content of building of dykes, water retention and good production.If you are going to start a fish farm at small scale, the minimum required land is almost 5 acres. And the land can be enhanced by the size of the fish farm. The large scale fish farm can be managed in almost 50 acres of land. The nature of the land depends a lot more. Because the water stability of the land is affects very much in this business.


For the life of the fish, water is most important ingredient. Before the initial of the business one must make sure the availability of the water.


The initial investment for the low scale business varies from small scale to large scale businesses. The initial cost per acre is almost 30000. The working capital per acre is almost 50000.


Rohu, MOtakhi, Mori, Their & Thela,

Singhari Malli, Yarko

Mundi, Sowl, Phool/Chitti Mundi


Fish is a business which needs a proper care and maintenance. Some of the Fish categories require the warmth of water to growth early but few of these requires the coldness to germinate. And it may be depends upon the owner to provide these the basic requirements and get the least possible outcomes from these.

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