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Fish Farming Business In Pakistan

If you are thinking to start the fish farming in Pakistan, then read out this post for the complete guidance of how to start a fish farming business in Pakistan, cost, feasibility, requirements, and of course the profit ratio. So let’s start with the introduction to Fish Farming in Pakistan: Fish farming is also known as an Aquaculture or pisciculture which is a procedure of rising fishes into big tanks or fish ponds. Before starting a fish farm, you should be aware of the different species of fishes, the nature of that species to get them successfully rise into an opposite environment for them. thirdly you also have to gather enough knowledge about what is going on in the Pakistani fish market at national or international levels. So when you will have a strong knowledge about starting a fish farming business in Pakistan then you will get earn a handsome fish farming profit in Pakistan which is the focal point of any business. We recommend you to read this article first and then congregates that facts which will affect the most for this subjected point of discussion.

How To Start A Fish Farming Business In Pakistan

How To Start A Fish Farming Business In Pakistan, Cost, Feasibility

Fish Farming In Pakistan Feasibility:

A grasping feasibility matters the most in any business. And when we are talking about fish farming in Pakistan feasibility then we first have to undertake a special species on which we are going to working. It is because different types of fishes have different investment and output ratio. For example, if you are going to rise a fish type which is sensitive, you have to provide maximum care to it which is the indication of a big investment. While on the other hand if you are going to illustrate Rahu, Baam, Moraki, or other types like this you will not require a sensitive environment. The reason is, these species can adjust any temperature and environment as well as the taste of water. In the following side, I am sharing fish farming in Pakistan feasibility for Rahu, Moraki, Gulfam, Theela, Grass, and Silver fish.

The following fasibiltiy for fish farming business in Pakistan is for a state level business whcih requires a medium investment.

  • Land: 40 acres, 1-year Rent will be approximately Rs. 300,000.
  • The Fish Seed, 20,000, Rs. 15 per seed Rs. 300,000
  • Fish Feed 20 Tracks will costs almost Rs. 3,15,000
  • Guard 15,000 per Month 1 year Salary 1,80,000
  • Total 1 year extra expenses 1,50,000
  • Total 1 Year Investment 11,85,000
  • Expected: 20,000kg. x Rs. 250 = 50,00,000
  • In case 2000 fishes lost rate is down 200 18,000kg. x Rs. 200 = 36,00,000
  • Total Investment: 11,85,000
  • Earning: 36,00,000
  • Total Profit one year: 24,15,000

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How To Start A Fish Farming Business In Pakistan

Fish Farming Business In Pakistan Basic Requirements:

The business of the fishing is very profitable in nature if it is handled with care.

  1. Land:

The main important thing in the fish farm is land. The topography of the land is checked before being used. The soil must have 25-30% of clay content of building of dikes, water retention, and good production. If you are going to start a fish farm at a small scale, the minimum required land is almost 5 acres. And the land can be enhanced by the size of the fish farm. The large-scale fish farm can be managed in almost 50 acres of land. The nature of the land depends a lot more. Because the water stability of the land is affected very much in this business.

  1. Water:

For the life of the fish, water is a most important ingredient. Before the initiation of the business one must make sure the availability of the water. So it will be more suitable for a fish farm businessmen to find a place for his business near to a river or a canal or a place where he can access enough water to waste it and to bring fresh water as per the requirement for his business.

  1. Environment:

Fish is a business which needs a proper care and maintenance. Some of the Fish categories require the warmth of water to growth early but few of these requires the coldness to germinate. And it may depend upon the owner to provide these the basic requirements and get the least possible outcomes from these.

  1. Cost of Fish Farming Business In Pakistan:

The initial investment for Fish Farming business in Pakistan on low scale business varies from small scale to large scale businesses. The initial fish farming cost per acre is almost Rs 30,000. The working capital per acre is almost Rs. 50000. But the matter of investment actually depends upon your own business scale. but the minimum investment you are requiring for starting a fishing business in Pakistan should at least Rs. 10 lakh which includes from renting a land, building the ponds and sheds, buying the new species of fish, the hiring of employees for different tasks, and then the feed of fish. Afterward, you will face a loss of fishes and there are so many other siliceous expenses are there which you have to face until you get a big amount of profit.

How To Start A Fish Farming Business In Pakistan

Fish Farming Profit In Pakistan:

As you have read out about the fish farming investment, and now the most important thing is what you will earn and what will be the profit ratio against your investment. In the above-given feasibility of fish farming in Pakistan, you see that you are earning the double profit of Rs. 24 lakhs against your 11 lakh investment after the struggle of one year. It means this is the most profitable business in Pakistan. but the need is just your proper information, updating, and care of fish species as per their nature. if you will successfully complete one breed of fish then you will get a handsome profit that is I think not involving in any other business.

Famous Fish Species in Pakistan:

Although these days the biomedical engineering have gained a lot of development in fishing. They have found a numerous fish species but all these are not suitable for rising inside Pakistan. They require a proper environment, temperature, feed, and other cares which is a tough task for a person who has recently started a fish farming business in Pakistan. So if that is why recommend you to take a start with the following species so that you can stay safe from any type of lost.

  • Rohu, MOtakhi, Mori, Their & Thela,
  • Singhari Malli, Yarko
  • Mundi, Sowl, Phool/Chitti Mundi

These are complete details about how to start a fish farming business in Pakistan, cost, feasibility, profit, and investment. Hope you have gained enough information regarding the fish farming business in Pakistan. Further, if you have any suggestions for others, or you want any assistance about this work, you can leave your comment in the following commenting section and we will try out best to guides you in the better sense.


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