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How To Become A Commercial Airline Pilot In Pakistan

If you are seeking for how to become a commercial airline pilot in Pakistan, you is here on the absolute plate form to get all the instructions and guidance about the procedure for how to become a Commercial pilot. In airline pilot field there are three types of pilot the student pilot, private pilot and the commercial Pilot. Student pilot is the very initial stage of a pilot that is during training after selection. The second stage of pilot is private pilot that lies after the completion of training for a pilot from any private pilot academy. Private pilots are fires from private airline companies. After this when a private pilot has completed his experience of 250 hours of flying he or she can apply as a commercial pilot. For all of these three pilots the officials issue license as for a student pilot Student Pilot License (S.P.L), for Private Pilot there is a Private Pilot License (P.P.L) and for a Commercial Pilot There is a Commercial Pilot License (C.P.L). After successful completion of SPL to CPL the EASA will issue CPL with ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) and after this any pilot can act as a commercial pilot. So to achieve all these steps you should have to meet the eligibility criteria which is written below, read it and analyze that either you are eligible for being a pilot in Pakistan or not.

How To Become A Commercial Airline Pilot In Pakistan

How To Become A Commercial Airline Pilot In Pakistan 

Eligibility/ Requirements

There are very strict eligibilities for being a commercial pilot as a commercial pilot have great responsibility to fly a passenger airline from one country to another country. So the jury only hires those individuals who are eligible according the prescribed and restricted eligibilities as follows.

  • The first and the most important requirement for being a commercial pilot is your age and physical and mental fitness.
  • For SPL maximum age is 16 required
  • To hold a commercial Pilot License CPL 18 years of age with experience of 250 hours of successful flight is required
  • 23 years of age are required for CPL with ATPL.
  • First Class medical Report is also required
  • There is no need to provide any previous record of flight for SPL
  • Candidate just has to attempt the FTO oral and written test which can be prepared through any flight academy in Pakistan.
  • Intermediate FSc with Science subject and four years of graduation with basic airlines knowledge

Selection Procedure

For being a commercial pilot in Pakistan candidates have to start from Student level pilot then he becomes a private pilot and then a commercial pilot.  One who meets with the above eligibilities is selected and sent for training as ground training, and Flight Training. One who completes his trainings has to clear the theoretical and practical exams as a command pilot (first pilot). After the successful examinations a candidate is hired for a commercial airline pilot in Pakistan.

Financial Career

After the completion of selection procedure a commercial pilot can secure his financial career well then the other professions. Commercial pilot get fee according to the minutes and hours he is in the air. Pilots get their pays in thousands of dollars but according to the airplane companies pay structures.

So, all about “How to become a commercial airline pilot in Pakistan” is written above.

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