What Should I Do After FSc Pre Engineering In Pakistan

FSc pre engineering means Faculty of Engineering Science in which you study engineering subjects like Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. This field comprises the multifaceted exposure and educations to the basics of scientific enquiries. In this class a student takes an overview about what is engineering and what should I do after Fsc pre engineering in Pakistan like electrical, mechanical, chemical or any other. For taking BSc engineering admission in Govt. PEC recognized engineering university you have to obtain good marks but in case you don’t obtain enough marks then you can move towards private engineering university or you can also go with engineering diploma programs. You can also choose fields other then engineering like commerce, arts or business related fields. Your career in engineering is not limited just in the same fields because except medical you can go with any other field like business, management, Law and Arts. The scope of FSc pre engineering is continuously getting higher as well as the merit is also getting tough correspondingly for engineering admissions in Pakistan. So the FSc is the base line of engineering profession in Pakistan. You must have to grab the good marks so that you can drag a good engineering career in Pakistan. Now in below I am discussing about if your intermediate engineering is not done with good marks or you want to choose fields other then engineering then clarify the query about what should I do after FSc pre engineering in Pakistan and what field would be the best for you about your educational and professional career.

What Should I Do After FSc Pre Engineering In Pakistan

What Should I Do After FSc Pre Engineering In Pakistan

Career in Engineering

As I have written above that the FSc pre engineering is the basics of your educational and professional occupation. It is to be suggested you that if you take good marks in this class such as your marks are more than 90%, then the best option for you is to take BSc engineering admission in government engineering university in Pakistan like University of Engineering and Technology UET. It is also intimated you that only 90% marks are not enough for taking admission but you also have to attempt Engineering Colleges Admission Test (ECAT) if you are living in Punjab province, and if you are from KPK then you have to pass ETEA engineering entry test. When a student pass this entry test then his merit is prepared and he can finally takes admission. Government universities are not only providing quality educations but these are also cost efficient as compare to private universities. Moreover the degree you obtained from a government university is superior and demanding then a degree from a private university in professional and educational sectors. Universities also offers scholarships to those students who obtain 95% or plus marks.

You can pursue your career in any of the following engineering fields such as…

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering

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On the other side if your FSc pre engineering results comes with less than 75% and above 60% then it will be impossible to take admission in public university because your aggregates will not meet the required merit. So in this case you can choose the moderate option of taking bsc engineering admission in some private engineering university. Private universities in Pakistan are expensive but if you can pay for it then this is also a good path for you to continue your engineering career. With hard work and motivational studies you can obtain good marks in bachelors of engineering and your career in FSc pre engineering would be better instead of you skip this field.

Diploma In Engineering

If your marks in FSc pre engineering are less than 70% or above 50% then you cannot take admission in Bsc engineering even in private university, but if you still want to attach with engineering fields then the best option for you is to do Diploma in Engineering after FSc.  There are many colleges, institutes and universities offering admissions in engineering diploma in Pakistan.

Fields Other Then Engineering

If your question what should I do after FSc pre engineering in Pakistan is alive then you are informed that there are so many courses and fields other then engineering. If you obtain fewer marks to continue with BSc engineering or you have changed your mind to continue engineering fields then you can continue with various other businesses, management, law, arts and other fields which also have healthy career build opportunities. So a student can also do the following courses other then engineering after pre engineering

If you do these courses with good efforts and your marks are also good then you can also take a better future with these courses. Although your scope will not equivalence to engineering but by the way of these programs you can track a good scope which will leads towards a good position, rank, scope and of course a salary package.

What You Can’t Do After FSc Pre Engineering

You cannot take admission in any medical related field like MBBS, BDS, DPT or any other medical diplomas after FSc pre engineering in Pakistan. There are some private diplomas like tab technicians, lab attendent, sample taker, or such othre medical courses can be join but you can not go through a proper medical field after leaving engineering.

Hence, This was a complete FSc pre engineering general overview and what should I do after FSc Pre Engineering in Pakistan intermediate in engineering or fields after FSc pre engineering. I am hoping that you are all now well aware and well acquainted about to choose your fields but in case of any further confusion or queries you can send your comment in the following comments section. We will reply you as soon as soon on first priority.

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  1. I m so confused that what should I do after fsc pre engineering. I hope I got 80percnt in fsc and I m interested in computer software and bsc mathematics please tell me their is schop of these subject or not

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