What Should I Do After FSc Pre Medical In Pakistan

Faculty of Medical Sciences in intermediate is a class that comprises the multifaceted exposure and educations to the basics of medical inquiries. The subjects in FSc pre medical; physics, biology and mathematics gives a preliminary introduction about every medicinal faculties like surgery, medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy etc. It makes you able to decide what should I do after FSc pre medical in Pakistan. It depends upon your obtained marks that which faculty you will study in next level such as MBBS/ BDS/ DPT or other medicinal courses after FSc pre medical. If your marks are good you can go in public or government medical colleges affiliated with UHS which is the best condition for a medical student relating to his educational as well as professional career.

In case of fewer marks you can also take admission in private medical universities which is a second best option for medical students to continue their medical career in Pakistan. Similarly there are so many fields other then medical which you can also choose to continue a successful line of business. Thus far, I have discussed about FSc pre medical meaning in above lines and you see, this class is just like the back bone of your medical career. If you done well in this class subsequently you will do superior in next steps. You must study with concentration to grab good percentage so that you can meet at least the last merit of FSc pre medical in government universities. Now keep on reading to get detailed guidance about what should I do after FSc pre medical in Pakistan and the better guideline for your upcoming challenges.

How to Get Good Marks In FSc Pre-Medical

What Should I Do After FSc Pre Medical In Pakistan

What Should I Do After FSc Pre Medical In Pakistan

What Should I Do After FSc Pre Medical?

This is a very good question and the answer has to be classified in different phases like how many marks you have obtained in FSc, either you are meeting the required merit or not? And of course your field of interest like you wants to be a medicine and surgical doctor or you want to be a dentist doctor or physiotherapist. So the first thing is your marks and if you obtain more than 85% marks then the best option for you is to take admission in government medical college. Public type colleges and universities are affordable as well as their degree is also demanding and acceptable in professional line. Here one thing I want to mention is Medical Colleges Admission Test (MCAT). This test is mandatory for taking admission in govt. universities or colleges in Punjab. University of Health Sciences (UHS) take this test in Punjab and merit is prepared with the marks you obtain in your FSc and the marks you obtain in entry test. In KPK the Education Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA) take the medical entry test. You are also informed that if you do not pass this test you will not allow continuing with medical fields as per the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC).

You can choose any of the following medical field after fsc pre medical

  • Bachelors of Medicine Bachelors of Surgery (MBBS)
  • Bachelors of Dental Surgery (BDS)
  • Doctor of Physio Therapy (DPT)

For More Medical Courses After FSc Pre Medical Click Here

In the next step, if your marks are above 70% but less than 85% then it is hard to take admission in a government university because the merit in government universities is very high. But you don’t have to be disheartened because there are so many private medical universities in Pakistan who are welcoming those students whose merit is not competing with public universities. The problem in private universities is they are very expensive but if you can pay for it then it is very good way for you to continue your medical career. With a good work and motivational studies you can make your place and you can hold a healthy scope after fsc pre medical in Pakistan.

Diploma Courses After FSc Pre Medical

In case your marks are unfortunately above 50% but less than 70% then it is hard for you to take admission in MBBS or admissions in BDS or any other medical degree program. But if still you don’t want to skip medical fields then a moderate option for you is diploma courses after fsc pre medical. There are so many medical diplomas which you can do after FSc pre medical but remember that diploma is not as extent as a degree program can be. But at least you can continue in medical professions. Some diplomas options are given below which can also give you a good occupation in medical field

  • Diploma in Pharmacy Management
  • Diploma in Nursing
  • Diploma in Clinical Psychology
  • Diploma in Medical Technician
  • Diploma of Physicians and assistant surgeons
  • Diploma of Physical Health Instructor

Fields Other Then Medical

The last condition is, if your marks are less than 50% or you want to skip medical fields then there are so many other fields and subjects you can choose after FSc pre medical. You can choose business related fields, you can be a lawyer or you can also become a designer with arts fields. The subjects other then medical are written below and you can choose any one according to your interest…

These above written subjects or fields other then medical also have a good scope and career. Such as if you go in BBA after fsc pre medical then you can become a business holder and you can hold good jobs in banking as well as national and multinational companies. Similarly being a lawyer or an advocate you can also grab a good position and you career will be brighter and sharper.

What I Can’t Do After Fsc Pre Medical?

As I have written in the previous paragraph that there are many fields which you can do after fsc pre medical but you are informed that there are some fields which you cannot do after fsc pre medical. You cannot do BSc engineering like BSC electrical, mechanical or any other engineering course. So other then engineering you can take admission in any arts, business management or any other program.

So this was all about FSc medical overview and I am hoping that you are now well prepared to decide what should I do after FSc Pre Medical in Pakistan. But if still you have any question or query in your mind relating to career, scope or guide of FSc you can send your comment in the following comment box and I will reply you as soon as possible.

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