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MBA In Pakistan

MBA stands for Masters of Business and Administration. This whole program has been created that relate the student with the business world. This MBA program allows the students to know more about the business criteria and the dealing procedures in much effective manner. The related assignments and thesis work polish up their skills and abilities in enhanced manner that additionally allow them to get in relation with the stock market situations as well that is also the part of this course. However for getting further into this field it is essential for the particular student to finish his or her 3 years of MBA course that would make him or her meet with the M.Phil course that can additionally help the student to know even more about the business universe and get the chance to be the part of this business world. Total number of credit hours in MBA is 130 that involve 5 compulsory course and 4 major subjects for the students. The major intention of the arrival of credit hours allows the students to prepare the self study, assignments and projects that are given by the teachers. In view of the CGPA is set separately by every separate university according to their own requirements but the 2.50 is the minimum passing CGPA. If any of the student does not live up to the appropriate CGPA then he or she would not be able to get continue with the further courses study. So keep on reading this post to get further details about MBA in Pakistan jobs, career, salary, subjects…

MBA In Pakistan

MBA In Pakistan Jobs, Career, Salary, Subjects

MBA Career Option

There are wide varieties of profession options that opened their gateway for the MBA students.

  •   Banks organizations
  •   Educational institutions
  •   Famous multinational Companies
  • Export companies
  •   Business institutions
  • Marketing companies


When a person applied for the job after doing MBA then wide spread job types get listed in his selected job.

  • Marketing Consultant
  • Finance Manager
  • Bank accountant
  • Developmental consultant
  • Import managing head
  • Finance manager
  • Administrator head
  • Production head
  • Professor in educational institution

MBA Major Subjects

Some of the major subjects offered by the universities for MBA are as follows:

  • Marketing subject
  •  Tourist Research
  • Finance
  •  Hotel management courses
  • Event management subjects
  • Human resource subjects
  • Accounting subjects.

Major Subjects Offered By Different Universities

 There are many universities that offer such subjects that are not much offered by other universities.

MBA Admission Requirements

However, there are some terms and conditions for getting applied for the MBA in different universities. Only those students can get listed into this course that live up to the expectations of the following admission necessities:

  • The students are required or get 4 years bachelor degree or B.A degree for getting the admission that should be filled with minimum 2.50 CGPA or maximum 60% marks in all the subjects. It is also necessary that the person can merely apply for such course in which he or she has done the major in previous bachelor course.
  • For A level students the conditions demand for getting 60% marks in maximum three subjects and the same condition goes for the FA/FSC students as well.
  • Moreover, in 10th standard marks are also counted that includes maximum 60% marks and B grade in all the subjects.
  • Every university undertake their own entry test that is generally known as NAT test and it is also equitable to get maximum 50% marks percentage in that test for clearing the MBA admission stage.
  •  All the students who wish to apply for MBA in Pakistan in media studies and English literature they are required to pass through the aptitude along with the interview process.
  •  For the applicants of students belonging to the admissions of international relations, business administration, statistics, English language and applied psychology are necessarily needed to appear for the interview. In simple words all the conditions are final and cannot be challenged at any cost and students will just get the admission just on the basis of the merit list and interviews conduced by the university management board.

After the brief on the MBA in Pakistan it is concluded that this course he highly beneficial for brightening up the future in the field of business and also opens many job facilities as well. So all the students if you think that you fulfill the above mentioned conditions of the universities then you should not wait anymore and apply for it and we are sure that after three years of study you will discover a new way of successful professional life.

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