MBA in Pakistan

We have discussed all the scope of MBA in Pakistan along with its career, private and government jobs, starting salary, universities, and subjects. Master of Business Administration allows the students to know more about the business criteria and the dealing procedures in a much effective manner. There are different courses of MBA are being offered in Pakistan contains different duration like MBA 3.5 years, MBA 1.5 years, MBA HRM, MBA Economics, and MBA Finance, and Executive MBA in Pakistan. All these courses have different eligibility respectively which are mandatory for each graduate to meet in order to take admission in Master of Business Administration in Pakistan. Usually, a student can pursue his / her career with this field after completing his graduation especially the B.Com, BBA, BS Business and Finance, and or a student have done any other undergraduate course can even take admission. These days, there is a big scope of MBA in Pakistan is revolving around the professional market. Such as if banking, marketing, management of different firms, accounts management, and the most toughest study CA (chartered accountants) are also doing business administration. If you are also intending your self to pursue your career with this subjected courses, then keep on reading this post to get further details.

MBA In Pakistan

MBA in Pakistan Scope, Jobs, Salary, Subjects, Offering Universities

The Scope of MBA in Pakistan:

The most anticipating topic of discussion about any topic is about its scope in upcoming times. The reason is, almost each student use to study for grabbing a good job so that he or she can avail a good position and a healthy career after it. And when we talk about the MBA scope in Pakistan, then we have a lot of opportunities for jobs after MBA. You have one of the best plate forms of the job is a bank, while there are different public and private firms where you can join a marketing professional, you can also hold accounting department for finance and economic analysis. Companies hire the MBA graduates for different posts which we have available in the market. In short, we have a student have a strong career after Master of Business Administration.

Career After MBA In Pakistan:

As in the above passage, I have discussed the MBA scope in Pakistan, so you have seen that you have executive level opportunities for gaining the jobs. And you have lots of bright career build opportunities which you can join after this course of studies in the following bullets I have congregated different career options which you can adopt after this course.

  • Banks organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Famous multinational Companies
  • Import and Export Companies
  • Business Institutions
  • Marketing Companies

Private and Government Jobs For MBA In Pakistan:

The followings are different private and government jobs for MBA in Pakistan after BA, BBA, BCom and any other undergraduate program. On can apply for these jobs according to his / her course of studies like HRM, Economics, Finance, Market, Executive and or any other subjects in MBA. When you will be done your degree you will have the following job opportunities on which you will be able to apply as per your working expertise.

  • Marketing Consultant
  • Finance Manager
  • Bank accountant
  • Developmental consultant
  • Import managing head
  • Finance manager
  • Administrator’s head
  • Production head
  • Professor in an educational institution

MBA in Pakistan Subjects:

Different courses have different subjects, such as if you are doing MBA 3.5 years you will study different subjects, MBA executive have a different syllabus, while the others have their specific course of the syllabus. But the most major MBA in Pakistan subjects is below which every student will study in the master of business administration.

  • Business Mathematics and Statistics
  • Introduction to Business
  • Introduction to IT
  • Introduction to Business Finance
  • Business English
  • Managerial Communications
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Principles of Management
  • Accounting for Managers
  • Statistical Inference for Managers
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Business Economics
  • Industrial Relations

Different Courses of MBA In Pakistan:

As I wrote in above passages that the MBA have different courses like HRM, Economics, finance and so on. So now on the following side, I am giving you a list of all these courses. If you want to take details about specific courses in MBA, then click on it and a new page will be open that will provide complete eligibility criteria and its subjects.

MBA Admission Requirements In Pakistan:

MBA Admissions in Pakistan

However, there are some terms and conditions for getting applied for the MBA in different universities. Only those students can get listed into this course that lives up to the expectations of the following admission necessities:

  • For MBA 3.5 years admission: students are required two years of undergraduate degree i.e. BA, BSc, or B.Com or any program.
  • For Executive MBA In Pakistan (1.5 years) admission: students are required to submit their job or working experience after four years of graduate ( (Hons), BBA (Hons), or any BS (Hons) degree)
  • For 2 years MBA In Pakistan admission: students are required to pass a graduate four years honors degree. And all the majors like economics, finance, marketing, HRM are being offered on 2 years of duration.
  • Students have to pass the Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) which is taken out by each university especially when their admission get open.
  • Note that: the majority of universities doesn’t accept the NTS GAT test so never worries if you have not taken this test.
  • A level students the conditions demand getting 60% marks in a maximum of three subjects and the same condition goes for the FA/FSC students as well.
  • Admission aggregates are calculated after the calculation of 40% entry test marks, 20% interview marks, and remaining 40% academic marks of your previous classes for preparing the merit list for Master of Business Administration out of 100%

MBA In Pakistan Universities:

Almost every university in Pakistan offering MBA in different programs. But the most famous and best business schools (colleges) in Pakistan are as below.

  • University of Punjab
  • University of Management Technology
  • University of Central Punjab
  • University of Education
  • University of Lahore
  • University of Islamabad
  • University of Karachi
  • University of Peshawar
  • University of Balochistan
  • Abbottabad University Of Science And Technology
  • Women University Azad Jammu & Kashmir
  • The Islamia University Of Bahawalpur
  • University Of Science & Technology
  • Bacha Khan University
  • Bahauddin Zakariya University
  • Ghazi University
  • Gomal University
  • Government College University
  • Government College Women University
  • National Textile University
  • The National University Of Computer And Emerging Sciences
  • University Of Agriculture

After the brief introduction about the scope of MBA in Pakistan, private and government Jobs, starting salary, subjects, Offering Universities and subjects it is concluded that this course he highly beneficial for brightening up the future in the field of business and also opens many job facilities as well. So all the students if you think that you fulfill the above-mentioned conditions of the universities then you should not wait anymore and apply for it and we are sure that after three years of study you will discover a new way of successful professional life. For further details about the scope of MBA in Pakistan, you can add your comments or you can also send your FAQs and queries for taking more information on this topic.

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