MBA in Accounting And Finance In Pakistan

MBA in Accounting And Finance in Pakistan Subjects List, Jobs, salary as you all wanted to know MBA stands for Master in Business and Administration. It is an undergraduate degree program that is immensely getting popular in today era but apart from it MBA is also categorized into different other sectors and amongst them accounting and finance is the most renowned and yet the beneficial ones as well. This program is considered to be very important for the bright future of students in the field of banking and companies. MBA in accounting and finance is also another undergraduate program that is much similar to other programs of MBA however this process opens the path of banking and stock market field for the students.

When we look upon the criteria facts about MBA in accounting and finance then only those students can apply for it that have either completed the bachelor of four years or either they have benefited from the BA degree. It involves five major subjects and four compulsory subjects and students are required to cover the 130 credit hours in three years of MBA course. In the credit hours portion students are needed to finish up with their assignments, projects and study work. The final result of MBA students is calculated in the form of CGPA and those students who does not live up to the expectations of 2.50 CGPA they are not allowed to continue with further studies.

MBA in Accounting And Finance In Pakistan

MBA in Accounting And Finance in Pakistan Subjects List, Jobs, salary

MBA in Accounting And Finance Career Option

For the students of MBA in accounting and finance wide varieties of professions are opened in several fields of market. Some of the most prominent and highest flying career choices are:

  • Banking sector.
  • Stock Market
  • Multinational Companies
  • Import/Export industries
  • Educational Institutions
  • Big Business Organizations
  •  Financial Institutions.

MBA in Accounting And Finance Jobs Type:

 There are certain people who do make the final choice of getting into some filed but they don’t get to know about the job types. Following are some of the job forms for the MBA students:

  • Cash Manager
  • Accountant Holder
  • Finance Manager
  • Insurance Manager
  • Investment Consultant
  • Sales Manager
  • Management Advisor
  • Professor in Educational Centers

MBA in Accounting And Finance Major Subjects

 Following is the list of major subjects that are included in the course program of MBA in accounting and finance:

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Business Communication
  • Bank Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Mathematics
  • Business Statistics
  • Financial management.
  • Micro Finance.


 As we talked earlier that all the universities has their won perception and process for carrying out the MBA studies. There are many other series of subjects that is widely offered by other universities. Some of the subjects are as follows:

  • Islamic Banking
  • International Trade and Foreign exchange
  • Corporate Finances
  • E-Banking
  • Fraud Applications
  • Monetary and Fiscal Policy
  • Portfolio Management
  • Analysis of Financial Services
  • Small Business Finances
  • Securities Analysis
  • Money and Capital Market
  • Financial Management
  • Banking Accounting
  • Information Technology Management
  • Marketing
  • Business Statistics
  • Economic Analysis
  • Research
  • Business Policy

MBA in Accounting And Finance Admission Requirements

The students can get into the admission stages for MBA when he or she sets suitable on the requirements stages. Some of the notable terms and conditions are as follows:

  • The students applying for the MBA are required to get the four years bachelor degree with minimum 2.50 CGPA and should be attaining 60% marks percentage in all the subjects especially the major ones.
  • In addition A level students must get 60% marks and maximum B grade in all the subjects and the same criteria goes for the matriculation students.
  • Intermediate students must score 60% in sciences, engineering, medical and arts subjects. In simple words they should have to score B grade in all the intermediate major subjects.
  • Every separate university have their own process of conducting the entry test that is famously known as NAT. students must get 50% in the entry test as its marks will afterwards further be counted in final stage.
  • In addition, the students also have to pass from the interview that comprises 30% marks in the admission process. Finally the merit list will be conducted by keeping in view the marks of the students. Merit list is the final decision of the university board that cannot be changed or cancelled in future at any cost.

On the whole after the brief discussion it is concluded that all the students who think that their only success is hiding in banking profession then don’t wait anymore and apply for the accounting and finance course because it certainly opens the gateway towards the banking and industrial fields but make sure that you completely live up to the level of requirements for the admission of MBA.

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