Bachelors Of Commerce B.Com Honors In Pakistan Subjects, Scope, Jobs, Salary

B.Com honors is a well acclaimed degree in Pakistan at bachelors level for those who want to pursue their career in banking, accounting and commerce fields. If you also have same thinking about your career then must read this entire page to be familiar with bachelors of commerce honors in Pakistan subjects, scope, jobs, salary and career. Well – in Pakistan is available in two types that is B. Com (IT) consists upon 2 years of duration having 4 semesters, while the second recommended option is honors and it is a 4 years plan consisting upon 8 semester. The first option of BCom IT can do privately from any academy or tuition; but for an honor degree student must have to join a college or a university as a regular student. Well according to a general survey, now a days 60 out of 100 students choose B. com at their bachelor’s level while remaining 40 students go with other degrees at bachelor’s level like BBA, BSc, or BA. The reason is that it is not a tough task to do and its dues are also affordable as well as in a job sector it has better options then of a student who have simple BA degree. So if you are agreed with my thoughts about Bachelors of Commerce B.Com honors in Pakistan and want to take admission in B.Com honors then keep on reading this post to get further details about B.Com honors subjects, scope, jobs and salary.

Bachelors Of Commerce B.Com Honors In Pakistan

Bachelors Of Commerce B.Com Honors In Pakistan Subjects, Scope, Jobs, Salary

B.Com Honors Subjects Semester Wise

Subjects in 1st Semester Subjects in 2nd Semester
·         Business Mathematics

·         Computer Applications in Business

·         Financial Accounting-I

·         Functional English

·         Introduction to Business

·         Business Communication & Report Writing

·         Business Statistics

·         Economics (Micro)

·         Financial Accounting-II

·         Islamic Studies & Pakistan Studies

Subjects in 3rd Semester Subjects in 4th Semester
·         Advanced Financial Accounting I

·         Business & Industrial Laws

·         Economics (Macro)

·         Income Tax Law

·         Money Banking & Finance

·         Auditing

·         Advanced Financial Accounting II

·         Cost Accounting

·         Economics of Pakistan

·         Sales Tax Custom & Federal Excise Duty

Subjects in 5th Semester Subjects in 6th Semester
·         Business Management

·         Entrepreneurship

·         Interpersonal Skills

·         Principles of Marketing

·         Research Methods in Business

·         Banking Law and Practice

·         Financial Management

·         Islamic Principles of Business & Finance

·         Logic & Critical Thinking

·         Organizational Behavior

Subjects in 7th Semester Subjects in 8th Semester (Final)
·         Corporate Law

·         Human Resource Management

·         Insurance & Risk Management

·         Management Accounting

·         Managerial Economics

·         E-Commerce

·         International Business & Finance

·         Operation & Production Management

·         Performance Management

·         Strategic Management

Specialization After Final 8th Subjects
·         Advance Auditing (Accounting Specialization)

·         Investment Analysis & Management (Finance Specialization)

·         International Marketing(Marketing Specialization)

NOTE: Internship & Viva Vice Exam (2 Months internship and Viva Voce Exam is an integral part of this program, which carries 03 credit hours for each)

B.Com Honors Eligibility/ Requirements

Well the eligibility criteria or requirements for taking admission in honors are as follows. A student who full filling the following criteria can take admission

  • Students who have done his/ her intermediate I.Com, FA, ICS, FSc, or any other degree that is equivalent to Intermediate like A-Levels or after DAE
  • There is now marks or aggregates restrictions are there for B.Com honors while some universities have their own criterion but mostly those students who obtain less marks in inter level can apply for bachelors of commerce (B.Com) degree
  • Fresh and students got preferences

B.Com Honors Scope in Pakistan

Well the scope of honors in Pakistan is very bold. A person who hold a bachelor’s degree in commerce has a lot of opportunities in job sector such as he or she can easily appointed in banking sector, accounts department of any institute like insurance companies, tax firms, stock exchange. Means a honors degree holder can apply for any position that relates with accounting. Above all, these days mostly banks are also inviting fresh graduates for an internship learning seasons like trainee internships that adds ability to a candidate to become professional and practical with their degree. So you can imagine that how your future is bright with if you done it properly in good marks

B.Com Honors Jobs & Salary In Pakistan

Well the most important instinct for doing anything is the thought about earning and ways of earning. So in case of honors stay relaxed in this matter because a door is open in front of you once you hold the degree. You can do different jobs in the following posts

  • Accountant
  • Cashier & Teller
  • Data Interpreter
  • Epidemiologist
  • Research Scholar
  • Enumerators
  • Data Analyst

These are those posts which are higher level and their salary starts from minimum of 30 to 35 thousands and it can tough 1 k figure per month.

So I am hoping that you are now fully acquainted with bachelors of commerce honors in Pakistan subjects, scope, jobs, salary and career. In case you have any question about this article you can send your query in the following comment box we will notice shortly.

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