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Environmental Sciences In Pakistan

Here is the complete information about environmental sciences scope in Pakistan jobs, salary, subject, universities offering environmental sciences in Pakistan. This is one of the increasingly getting popular programs for grabbing a healthy career and a handsome job. This program is concerning with the betterment of our environment and surroundings by the means of plants and pollution with their solutions. Those students who study chemistry and physics at matric and inter level are actually not aware of the fact that they have read the environmental sciences at the middle level. Environmental sciences in Pakistan is being studied at undergraduate BSc and Masters MA levels. Its degree comprises 124 credit hours in 4 years of the educational program. In these credit hours the students are required to complete the research work and assignments. The final number or marks of the credit hours will be included in the final outcome results. The CGPA for environmental sciences has been kept till 2.50 and those students who didn’t attain this percentage in the first semester they would not be able to carry with further studies.

Environmental Sciences In Pakistan

Enviornmental Scienes is a field of study that integrates with the information of physical and biological aspects of enviornment and the solution of enviornmental problems. This field is emerged with the natural history and medicine during the enlightenment.

Environmental Sciences scope In Pakistan jobs, salary, subject, universities

Environmental Sciences Scope In Pakistan:

The scope of environmental science in Pakistan could be estimated with the demand in the market. The market always follows the public requirement and interest of government towards it. So in this way of environmental development, the govt of Pakistan has not made some big motivations. Especially in the city sides, the environment is so polluted even in villages now vehicles are causing environmental issues. This has ovulated various un-known skin and lungs diseases. But nowadays we have seen that the forestry department of Pakistan has taken some special steps to save the forests to develop the environment. So that is why we are hoping that the environmental science scope in Pakistan for the coming few years will be strong and a person with this degree will get big in demand.

Environmental Sciences Jobs In Pakistan:

Some of the prominent career options for the students of environmental sciences in Pakistan includes the environmental sciences laboratories, educational institutions, and research centers. In these places, one can find a handsome opportunity for environmental science jobs in Pakistan for the following posts.

  • Lecturer
  • Production Executive
  • Software Developer
  • Environmental Expert
  • Specialist
  • Health Officer
  • Sales and Marketing Holder
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Senior Inspection Officer
  • Sales representative
  • Content Writer
  • Principle of Laboratory

Environmental Sciences Salary In Pakistan:

Now the most important factor in the study of environmental sciences in Pakistan is its salary. For a Pakistani student, who is a study to get a good job will focus on income. So we are telling you that a candidate after completing his undergraduate degree can earn a handsome salary package. You can estimate that the environmental sciences salary in Pakistan starts from Rs. 25, 000 plus per month. Well, the salary also depends on the degree of worth and the department where you are doing the job.

Environmental Sciences Subjects In Pakistan:

This is a bachelors level degree program which has eight semesters in four years honors. Different universities have different syllabus while the major group of environmental sciences subjects in Pakistan is written down for your assistance.

  • Environmental economics
  • Natural Resources Economics
  • Advanced Ecology
  • Field Methods in Environmental Studies
  • Research Methods
  • Environmental Problems and Policy
  • Applied Statistical and Methodology
  • Natural Resources Policy and Administration
  • Theory and Practice of Technical Communication
  • Advanced Environmental Studies
  • International Environment Policy
  • Resource Economics
  • Environmental Policy Analysis
  • Foundation of Environmental Management
  • Advanced Environmental Law and Policy

Environmental Sciences In Pakistan Admission Eligibility:

Now we are telling you that the following eligibility criteria are written for the admission to environmental sciences in Pakistan.

  • For getting admission into the master’s program for environmental sciences it is essential that the student must possess a BA degree or he or she must have 14 years of education certification from famous and renowned institutions with the CGPA of maximum 2.50 in all the elective and compulsory subjects.
  • It is also vital that the student must have done his or her bachelor in environmental sciences as a major subject. Moreover, he or she should have also studied the sciences subjects in intermediate and matriculation but that’s not a required term at all.
  • If the student is founded to be more than 26 years old when his or her application forum will be canceled at that instant moment.
  • If the foreign students want to get admission in Pakistan for the masters program then they are also required to submit the certificate from the Ministry of Education.
  • The students will be selected on the basis of the merit list and no changes will take place after the commencement of the merit list.

Get the List of Universities Offering Environmental Sciences In Pakistan

At the end after the discussion, it is concluded that this environmental sciences scope in Pakistan jobs, salary, subject, universities can be extremely beneficial for the students the who wish to become a laboratory expert or scientist in future. Moreover, this course also teaches about the botany stages as well that can also be useful for future. So all those students who are free from bachelor and are interested in environmental sciences they should not wait anymore and apply now and we are sure that this program would really benefit them.


  1. I have bachlor degree in science botany , zoology and geography as major subject … can i do msc in envirnmental science … 2nd
    Question … can i do msc environmental science as private student ?

  2. I did BS Hons in animal sciences but now I am interested in mphil in environmental sciences ..
    Please guide me that is this field could be beneficial for me?
    Job opportunities? ?

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