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Political Science In Pakistan

Political Sciences is considered to be increasingly demanding degree among the students. This program basically deals in serving the study work relates to the political issues, domestic affairs, national and international circumstance. It also deals with all such issues that are relating with the country political conditions. Those students who feel like getting immense information about the political situations of the country they certainly choose the political sciences education courses for getting undergraduate BA in political sciences or MA in political sciences in Pakistan. So here are the complete information of Political Science in Pakistan courses, subjects, jobs, salary.

Many universities offer political sciences in Pakistan  that demands keeping the Political Science as the major subject along with many other courses. It is four years bachelors and two years of master program. The total number of credit hours is 36 that include research work and assignment and total 4 major subjects are required in each semester. The final outcome of the students is calculated in the form of CGPA that should not be less than 20.5 otherwise the student would be consider as fail. In addition only such students can apply who have completed their bachelor degree by keeping the political science as its major subjects.

Political Science In Pakistan

Political Science In Pakistan

Political Science Degree:

In Pakistan there are various universities which offers political sciences admission on private and regular bases. At bachelors level it is a 4 years program while at masters level it is a 2 years program.

  • BA in Political Sciences
  • MA Political Sciences

Political Science Career Option:

There are wide varieties of jobs choices that open the gateway for making the future successful for the students of political science. Some of the jobs are as follows:

  • Professor in Educational Institutions
  • Professor of social Sciences
  • Project Consultant
  • Engineer for Social projects
  • Project Manager
  • Research Officer
  • Call Center Representative
  • Product Conductor
  • Data entry Operational Head
  • Analyst
  • Marketing and Communication Holder
  • Director of Natural and Resource Programs
  • Research Designs Specialist

Political Science Major Subjects:

The major subjects included in political science program by all the universities are as follows:

  • International Relations
  • Western Political Thought
  • Comparative Political System
  • Comparative and Development Politics
  • Pakistan Movement
  • International Law
  • Local organization
  • Local Government in Pakistan
  • Muslim World
  • External Relations in Pakistan
  • Political Sociology


Following is the list of such subjects that are offered in other universities that offer the BA in political science and MA in political science.

  • International Relations
  • Comparative Politics
  • American politics
  • Political Science Research
  • Political Thought
  • Principle of Macro Economics
  • Argumentation and Debate
  • Practical Reasoning
  • Logic

Political Science Admission Requirements:

For getting admission into the bachelors of political science and masters of political science program it is vital that the person should necessarily stands well suited on the above mentioned terms and conditions:

  • After intermediate a student can take admission in BA in political sciences. Required marks are minimum 40%…
  • For master in political science admission, student is require to have with them the BA degree or 14 years of bachelor degree with political science as his or her major subject.
  • There is no age limit for this degree at masters or PhD level
  • Students belonging to other countries should also submit a certificate from the Ministry of Education along with the admission forums.
  • The final students will be selected through the merit list that would be the final and lasting decision by the management board.

After the brief discussion on the Political science in Pakistan courses, subjects, jobs, salary and conditions for the admission it is quite evident that this program can appears to be useful for the students who are much interested in the political and affairs of the country and this can even help them a lot in making their names in many appropriate fields of country.

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