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Doctor Of Pharmacy Pharm D In Pakistan Courses, Subjects, Salary, Jobs

Doctor of pharmacy Pharm D gathers great mas in its scope and career options. Pharm D is all about dealing with the medicines. The main concept behind this course is to be well aware of the fact that which medicine is the most appropriate for which disease. The students who have entered in to this field are being trained and developed in such a manner that they even are capable of producing the medicines as well as prescribing it to the patients. The 5 year course which demands a further 6 months internship or house job to accomplish the degree is one of the most desirable and even the need of the present age. During the course the students are being taught how to make medicines and how they are being prepared. the course enables the students to enhance their knowledge regarding the medicine, they even polish themselves in such a particular pattern that they should be well aware of the components of the medicines and the quantity of them in which they will be make a saturated or unsaturated compound all on a whole.

Doctor Of Pharmacy Pharm D In Pakistan

Doctor Of Pharmacy Pharm D In Pakistan Courses, Subjects, Salary, Jobs

Doctor of Pharmacy Career and Jobs

As more and more technology and advancement is creating more and more opportunities for the Pharmacists. A pharmacist can be a part of the millions of researches which are being conducted on national and international scale for the purpose of manufacturing or even improving the new medicines, drugs and compounds.

Many pharmacists are required for the consultancy as they are being approached for the purpose of using the best medicine and drugs and their effects and the after effects.

Pharmacists are being required for the purpose of assistance and even counseling and are being demanded by hundreds of organization including the private and government sector which includes the health organizations, hospitals, pharmacy associations and even researchers.

Doctor Of Pharmacy Pharm D Major Subjects

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-I (Organic)
  • Pharmaceutical Biochemiry
  • Pharmaceutics-I (Physical Pharmacy)
  • Physiology & Histology
  • Anatomy
  • Pharmaceutical Mathematics & Biostatistics
  • Pharmaceutics-II (Pharmaceutical Preparations)
  • Pharmacology and Therapeutics-I
  • Pharmacognosy-I
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology
  • Pakistan Studies and Islamiat (Compulsory)
  • Pathology
  • Pharmacology and Therapeutics-II
  • Pharmacognosy-II
  • Pharmaceutics-III (Dispensing and Community Pharmacy)
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-II (Analytical)
  • Pharmaceutics-IV (Hospital Pharmacy)
  • Pharmaceutics-V (Clinical Pharmacy-I)
  • Pharmaceutics-VI (Industrial Pharmacy)
  • Pharmaceutics-VII (Biopharmaceutics)
  • Pharmaceutics-VIII (Pharmaceutical Quality Control)
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-III (Medicinal)
  • Pharmaceutics-IX (Clinical Pharmacy-II)
  • Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Forensic Pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical Management & Marketing
  • Computer and its Applications in Pharmacy

Doctor Of Pharmacy Pharm D Admission Requirements

The individual who is willing to involve himself in the Doctor of Pharmacy should be up to certain prescribed standards. This eligibility criterion consists of the age. The candidate must be not over age as he or she should be less than 25 years when applying for the admissions.

The student should have been appeared in his inter which si the FSC in pre medical with his major subjects as Biology, Physics and Chemistry and have cleared this part with 60% or more. Candidate having below 60% marks in FSC are not eligible for the particular program. The students who have appeared in any other board which includes the British board (A-Levels) should gave the equivalence of it and the aggregate should be 60% or more than 60%.

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The candidates are also required to appear in the entry test examination and are required to do very well in it also because the aggregate will be formed with the help of the both FSC marks and the score in the respective entry test.


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  5. Malik Awais Anwaar

    What should be the maximum marks to get admission in Pharma-D?????

  6. Hello how r u all ? I want to know I have passed my pharm d program in 2010 and didn’t have any experience can I get job or internship now?

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    • @Sidra Akhter the scope of pharmacist is very good as this job is always in demand and due to increased population there are better chances of growing with it..

    • The doctor of pharmacy is dealing with the, preparation,chemical structures and all parts of medicines okkk

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