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PharmD Scope In Pakistan

Do you want to be a pharmacist? You have to study the Doctor of Pharmacy Pharm D which is a five years undergraduate degree program. Here you are taking out the details about PharmD scope in Pakistan, jobs, salary, career and syllabus details. This degree is all about dealing with the medicines. The main concept behind this course is to be well aware of the fact that which medicine is the most appropriate for which disease. The students who have entered in to this field are being trained and developed in such a manner that they even are capable of producing the medicines as well as prescribing it to the patients. The 5 year course which demands a further 6 months internship or house job to accomplish the degree is one of the most desirable and even the need of the present age.

During the course, the students are being taught how to make medicines and how they are being prepared. the course enables the students to enhance their knowledge regarding the medicine, they even polish themselves in such a particular pattern that they should be well aware of the components of the medicines and the quantity of them in which they will make a saturated or unsaturated compound all on a whole.

Doctor Of Pharmacy PharmD Scope In Pakistan

Doctor Of Pharmacy PharmD Scope In Pakistan, Jobs, Salary, Career

PharmD Scope In Pakistan:

Most of the times, I used to write that the scope of any field of study depends on the number of job opportunities and the ratio of income. As well as the scope also depends on the demand in the professional market. So, when we are talking about the scope of PharmD in Pakistan, the first of all we have to put a look on the need for pharmacists in Pakistan. Even, we have lots of pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan, but still, there is a lake of creative minds who can find new formulas and salts which can catch more effectively. There are lots of fields and specialties in which one can specify his scope after becoming the pharmacy doctor.

PharmD Jobs In Pakistan Career:

After the completion of PharmD degree, one will become a pharmacist or the doctor of medicines. Now it depends on his own skills and expertise to specify a field and a post to work with. For example, a fresh graduate can be hired as an internee pharmacist. While after that he could hold pharmaceuticals to give approvals to prepare a medicine. The revolution in technology is creating more opportunities for the Pharmacists. A pharmacist can be a part of the millions of research centers and pharmaceutical companies. Many pharmacists are working just as a consultant. They are being approached for the purpose of using the best medicine and drugs and their effects and the after effects.

being demanded by hundreds of organization including the private and government sector which includes the health organizations, hospitals, pharmacy associations, and even researchers. Besides the pharmacist, people are also working as a teacher and professor in different universities and colleges and earning a handsome amount.

One can even start his own business of pharmacy store, clinic, medical rap (representative) and much more. In short, the field is just somehow technical but when you get perfection in your work your career after PharmD will become bright and stronger.

PharmD Salary In Pakistan:

Now a very important phase of any course is the income after the completion of the degree. When we talk about the PharmD salary in Pakistan we find that a pharmacist is earning more than one lakh a month. But at starting, as a new graduate you can earn Rs. 25000/ per month when you are doing a house job (internship). While after the completion of your training, you will be hired as a professional, practical and permanent employee and your salary would start from Rs. 40, 000/- to 45, 000/-. This figure could touch the maximum limits of earning i.e. more than two lakh a month.

PharmD Major Subjects:

As I have written in the above passage that the Doctor of Pharmacy PharmD scope in Pakistan lies after its complete degree which is a five years program. Different universities have their different scheme of studies but the main and major subjects remain the same during the five years.

1st Year Subjects: 2nd Year Subjects
·          Subjects of Study ·          Pathophysiology
·          Human Anatomy and Physiology ·          Pharmaceutical Microbiology
·          Pharmaceutics ·          Pharmacognosy & Phytopharmaceuticals
·          Medicinal Biochemistry ·          Pharmacology I
·          Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry ·          Community Pharmacy
·          Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry ·          Pharmacotherapeutics I
·          Remedial Mathematics/ Biology
3rd Year Subjects 4th Year Subjects
·          Pharmacology II ·          Pharmacotherapeutics III
·          Pharmaceutical Analysis ·          Hospital Pharmacy
·          Pharmacotherapeutics II ·          Clinical Pharmacy
·          Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence ·          Biostatistics & Research Methodology
·          Medicinal Chemistry ·          Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics
·          Pharmaceutical Formulations ·          Clinical Toxicology
5th Year Subjects 6th Year
·          Clinical Research Internship as a trainee or residency training includes postings in specialty departs

A student should independently provide the clinical pharmacy services to the allotted wards.

1.         6 months in General Medicine department.

2.        2 months each in three other specialty departments.

·          Pharmacoepidemiology & Pharmacoeconomics
·          Clinical Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacotherapeutic Drug Monitoring
·          Clerkship
·          Project work (Six Months)

Admission Requirements:

The individual who is willing to involve himself in the Doctor of Pharmacy should be up to certain prescribed standards. This eligibility criterion consists of the age. The candidate must be not over age as he or she should be less than 25 years when applying for the admissions.

The student should have appeared in his inter which is the FSC in pre-medical with his major subjects as Biology, Physics, and Chemistry and have cleared this part with 60% or more. Candidate having below 60% marks in FSC are not eligible for the particular program. The students who have appeared in any other board which includes the British board (A-Levels) should give the equivalence of it and the aggregate should be 60% or more than 60%.

PharmD Pharmacy Colleges And Universities In Pakistan

We have concluded that Doctor of Pharmacy is a very scope full scheme of study. We have discussed the PharmD scope in Pakistan, jobs, salary, career, and syllabus. Hope you have learned all that you are searching for before taking admission in Doctor of Pharmacy. You can even leave your comments in the following commenting section. We are regularly replying to you about to get a further assistance.

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